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Thuasne Lombax Activity back support for during work

Many people are faced with a sore back while working. Especially those with a physically demanding profession. The Lombax Activity has been designed especially for this group!


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Lombax Activity - No more back pain in the workplace!

The Thuasne Lombax Activity is specially designed for those with a more physically demanding profession, people who have to stand for a long time and have back problems. The back brace is equipped with sturdy ribs with proprioceptic cusps to massage the back muscles during use. In addition, the corset is equipped with shoulder straps, so that both the correct correction and the corset are fixed.

Thanks to the hand loops in combination with the simple Velcro closure, the back brace is also for people with reduced hand function. Thanks to the additional adjustment stage, you can easily set the desired corrective pressure yourself

You can use the Lombax Activity for these indications:

  • Painful back when working (standing, on knees, bent)
  • Lumbalgie (lumbar spondylosis, narrowing of the lumbar canal, symptomatic lumbalgia)
  • Operated spine
  • Sciatica with lumbar pain may or may not have had surgery
  • Low and / or middle back pain
  • Degeneration or muscle insufficiency of the spine
  • Spondylolysis / Spondylolisthesis
  • Lumbar syndrome

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Features and benefits of the Lombax Activity:

The Lombax Activity is made of comfortable elastic materials, these fabrics are breathable and lightweight for optimal wearing comfort. In addition, the extra tension strap provides infinitely adjustable support.

Simply measure a Lombax Activity yourself:

Measure the size of your waist for the correct measurements. With a very narrow waist you better measure 5 to 10cm below the waist.


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  • Size 1: 76 - 90 cm
  • Size 2: 91 - 110 cm
  • Size 3: 111 - 125 cm

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