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Thuasne Genu ProMaster Knee Brace

The Genu ProMaster is an all-round knee brace - crowned with the German Design Award! - that can be used for mild to moderate complaints of pain, osteoarthritis, meniscal damage, cartilage injury and knee instability.

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Genu ProMaster Thuasne - Knee brace with ribs!

The Thuasne Genu ProMaster is an all-round knee brace of German quality. This knee brace is used for mild to medium knee complaints, such as instabilities, meniscal complaints, complaints from osteoarthritis, rheumatism or damage to the cartilage. You wear this knee brace during the day. This can be during your daily activities, but also while working or exercising.

Indication statements Thuasne knee brace Genu ProMaster

  • Light to heavy knee problems
  • Wear / osteoarthritis in the knee
  • An unstable knee
  • Knee pain while standing or walking
  • Meniscus complaints
  • Cartilage injury
  • Rheumatism in the knee
  • Recovery phase (after surgery)
  • (Resumption) sports activities

Class 2

Features and benefits Thuasne knee braces

  • Supports and stabilizes the knee joint for mild to medium complaints
  • Flexible ribs on both sides
  • With silicone Y-pad, for stabilization and protection of the kneecap and the tuberosity plateau of the tibea (shin)
  • Silicone edge on the inside against slumping
  • German quality: extremely high wearing comfort
  • Can be worn on the right or left
  • Easy to put on without help

How can you measure the Thuasne Genu ProMaster Knee Brace?

Measure the girth of your upper and lower leg with a slightly bent knee for the correct measurements (see images). Then you can read in the size chart below which size is suitable for you.

size thigh

scope leg

XXS 35-38 cm 25-28 cm
XS 38-41 cm 28-31 cm
S 41-44 cm 31-34 cm
M 44-47 cm 34-37 cm
M + 47-50 cm 34-47 cm
L 47-50 cm 37-40 cm
L + 50-53 cm 37-40 cm
XL 50-53 cm 40-43 cm
XL + 53-56 cm 40-43 cm
XXL 53-56 cm 43-46 cm
XXL + 56-59 cm 43-46 cm


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