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Thuasne Genu Dynastab Knee Brace with Stiffeners

The Thuasne Genu Dynastab Knee Brace with ribs is the ideal knee brace for moderate to severe knee problems. The ribs with two-axis hinges offer you optimal support and stability!


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Genu Dynastab Thuasne Knee Brace - With ribs and TM5 hinge!

The Genu Dynastab Knee Brace with bilateral (both sides) ribs and two-axis hinge is the ideal knee brace for people with medium to heavy knee problems. You can think of problems with the cruciate ligaments, meniscus, osteoarthritis / wear, reduced cartilage, band problems and an unstable feeling. This brace can be worn for prevention, but also in the recovery phase (after surgery) or during exercise.

Indications knee brace Genu Dynastab Thuasne

  • Moderate to severe knee problems
  • After distortion of the knee
  • An unstable feeling in the knee
  • Osteoarthritis / wear of the knee
  • Medium to heavy meniscus complaints
  • (Status before or after) Front Cross Band (VKB) operation
  • (Status before or after) Hind Cross Band (AKB) reconstruction
  • Recovery phase (after surgery)
  • (Resumption of) sports activities
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Features and benefits Genu Dynastab knee brace

  • Supports and stabilizes the knee joint
  • Rigid ribs and a two-axis hinge on both sides
  • With silicone inner edge-at the top- against slumping
  • High wearing comfort
  • Can be worn on the left and right
  • Silicone ring around the kneecap for protection and stabilization
  • Easy to put on independently

How can you measure the Thuasne Genu Dynastab Knee Brace?

Measure the circumference of your knee with a slightly bent knee for correct measurements (see picture). Then you can read in the size chart below which size is suitable for you.

Measure Knee size
1 32 - 34
2 35 - 37
3 38-41
4 42 - 45
5 46 - 49
6 50 - 53


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Alida Quick Posted on 18 February 2019 at 20:09

Heel erg fijne kniebrace. Ik draag deze kniebrace nu alleen met het skien. Bevalt me goed. gr. alida