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Thuasne Malleo Action Ankle Bandage

The Malleo Action ankle bandage is a comfortable small compression bandage. The bandage provides stability, pain relief and prevents moisture accumulation around the ankle thanks to the comfortable compression.


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Thuasne Malleo Action - Simple Ankle Bandage!

The Malleo Action ankle bandage from Thuasne is a comfortable supportive ankle bandage that fits in (almost) every shoe. The ankle bandage provides extra support during daily activities and sports.
To increase the ease of use and comfort, the brace is equipped with:
  • Comfort zone at the ankle
  • "Tabs" that facilitate donning
  • Extra knitting fabric at the heel level


Malleo Action ankle bandage indications

  • Overload
  • Slight instability
  • Fluid buildup in the ankle (Edema)
  • Preventive
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Dimensions of malleo action ankle bandage

Measure the circumference at the bottom of the shin just above the ankle for proper sizing. The Malleo Action ankle bandage can be worn both left and right!
Size 1: 19 - 21 cm
Size 2: 21 - 23 cm
Size 3: 23 - 25 cm
Size 4: 25 - 27 cm
Size 5: 27 - 30 cm

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