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Thuasne Ligastrap Genu Knee Bandage

With an unstable knee, the Ligastrap Genu provides adjustable knee support. By adjusting the straps tighter or looser, you can choose the support that best suits the planned activity.

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Ligastrap Genu - Adjustable support without restrictions!

The all-new Ligastrap genu is a knee brace designed for people who want more control over the amount of support. Thanks to the adjustable Velcro straps, this support can be adjusted according to your own activity level. An additional advantage of this function is the stabilizing effect on the kneecap.


Indication of the Ligastrap Genu

  • Mild severe distortions of the knee
  • Instability around the kneecap
  • Patellafemoral pain complaint
  • Instability of the knee
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Features and benefits of the Ligastrap Genu

  • Integrated anti-slip silicone as standard prevents slipping
  • Extra adjustable support by means of 4 elastic bands
  • Practical: patented pull 'ears' for easy donning of the brace
  • Can be used on the left or right
  • Color scheme black / gray

How to measure

For the correct measurements, measure the circumference of your knee (bent at +/- 70 degrees). You can then find the correct size in the table below. The brace can be used both left and right !

Measure Knee circumference
Size 1 32 - 34 cm
Size 2 35 - 37 cm
Size 3 38 - 41 cm
Size 4 42 - 45 cm
Size 5 46 - 49 cm
Size 6 50 - 53 cm


  • Close all Velcro straps after use to prevent excessive wear of the Velcro fasteners.
  • Preferably wash by hand and allow to air dry

Use of the Ligastrap Genu

  • Open the Velcro straps on the brace
  • Slide it over the knee until the kneecap can be felt in the opening provided for this
  • Close the Velcro strips, in the order indicated by the amount of dots on the Velcro fasteners (1-2)
  • Check that the brace is in the right place in relation to the kneecap; adjust if necessary

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