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PSB PSB Patella brace

PSB Patella brace

A patella brace is used for complaints around and on the kneecap and for complaints about the tendon under the kneecap. This brace is often used during exercise.

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PSB PSB wrist brace

PSB wrist brace

If you suffer from painful wrists, a brace provides support. This comfortable PSB wrist brace provides support without restricting your freedom of movement!


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PSB Thumb brace PSB

Thumb brace PSB

The PSB Thumb Brace for sport is of very high quality and stabilizes the thumb joint. The thumb brace is designed in such a way that you will not experience any limitation of your hand function. This thumb brace has been replaced by the Push Sports Thumb


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Push Sports Push Sports Patella brace

Push Sports Patella brace

If you suffer from instability of the patella or other patella related complaints, the Push Sports patella brace provides relief and stabilization.

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Push Sports Push Sports Epi Armbandage

Push Sports Epi Armbandage

The Push Sports armband is an ideal brace for the so-called tennis or golf elbow and can be used during exercise, work and sport. Lightweight, comfortable and easy to use.

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