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Door de Coronacrisis is het momenteel erg druk bij alle vervoerders. Het kan daarom voorkomen dat uw bestelling langer onder weg is dan u van ons gewend bent. Excuses voor het ongemak.

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Thuasne Ortel groin hernia

Ortel groin hernia

The fracture band can be used for a groin fracture on the left or right side or on both sides. The hernia band has a high wearing comfort due to the silicone pad.

€79,95 €64,95

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Novamed Novamed Lily Wrap Band (single)
Viofix Viofix groin hernia (single)

Viofix groin hernia (single)

This groin hernia band from Viofix can be used for the treatment of an inguinal hernia. You wear this inguinal hernia band as a conservative treatment for an inguinal hernia or for support after surgery.

€64,95 €42,95

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Novamed Novamed Lily Breach Band (Double)
Viofix Groin hernia band Viofix (double)

Groin hernia band Viofix (double)

This inguinal hernia is used to support the conservative treatment of an inguinal hernia or abdominal wall fracture in the groin.

€69,95 €44,95

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