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Buying a patella brace? Various patella braces can be ordered online!

Below is a selection of patella and knee straps that affect the patella (kneecap). ProBrace has contacted various suppliers at home and abroad to select the best products in this category.

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Buying a patella brace? Various patella braces can be ordered online!



Teyder Teyder Patella Brace / Patella Band

Teyder Patella Brace / Patella Band

Stabilize your patella / kneecap with the Teyder Patella brace / Patella band. The pressure on the patellar tendon and the bottom of the kneecap provide more stability and less pain. Now temporarily very competitively priced!

€52,95 €39,95

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Bauerfeind Genupoint Patella band

Genupoint Patella band

This knee bandage reduces the pain associated with kneecap pain, knee tendonitis and a jumper knee. A proven solution!

€42,95 €44,95

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Push Push Med Patella Knee Strap

Push Med Patella Knee Strap

The Push Med Patella knee brace provides local pressure on the patellar tendon and supports the patella (knee disc). This relieves the attachment of the thigh muscle and reduces the pulling force on the lower leg, which reduces pain.

€58,95 €49,95

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Bioskin Q-Brace Knee Brace

Q-Brace Knee Brace

The Bioskin Q-Brace knee brace is ideal for stabilizing an unstable kneecap. Thanks to the 'T' strap, it is possible to individually apply the best tracking for your kneecap.


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Bauerfeind Bauerfeind Genutrain P3 with Silicone Knee Brace

Bauerfeind Genutrain P3 with Silicone Knee Brace

The Bauerfeind Genutrain P3 with silicone ensures optimal tracking of the kneecap thanks to its adjustable correction thread. Prevents knee pain during bending & stretching and can be used preventively against patella (sub) luxations!


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Bauerfeind Bauerfeind Sports Knee Strap

Bauerfeind Sports Knee Strap

The Bauerfeind Sports Knee Strap is used for knee tendon complaints. This knee band is mainly used for Osgood Schlatter, a Jumpers knee, complaints at the front of the knee (around the kneecap) and an inflammation of the knee tendon.


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Reh4Mat Reh4Mat Patella Band

Reh4Mat Patella Band

The Reh4Mat Patella Band is a universal and very comfortable band for the patella. This band supports complaints of the kneecap (patella) or the knee tendon (patella tendon). Nowhere cheaper!


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Push Sports Push Sports Patella Brace

Push Sports Patella Brace

If you suffer from instability of the kneecap or other kneecap-related complaints, the Push Sports patella brace provides relief and stabilization.

€47,95 €29,95

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Push Sports Push Sports Epi Armband

Push Sports Epi Armband

The Push Sports armband is an ideal brace for the so-called tennis or golfer's elbow and can be used during efforts, work and sports. Lightweight, comfortable and easy to use.

€47,95 €29,95

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From a wide range of patella / knee straps, ProBrace has selected the best, which you can easily order online. In the overview below you will not only find the best knee band / patella band, but also various knee braces / knee bandages that provide the correct support for your patella (kneecap).


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