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Want to buy a fracture belt? Online choice of inguinal hernia belts!

Below you will find a selection of groin fractures and abdominal fractures. ProBrace has contact with various suppliers in the Netherlands and abroad. From a wide range of groin fractures and abdominal fractures, ProBrace has selected the best products for you.

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Want to buy a fracture belt? Online choice of inguinal hernia belts!



Thuasne Ortel groin hernia

Ortel groin hernia

The fracture band can be used for a groin fracture on the left or right side or on both sides. The hernia band has a high wearing comfort due to the silicone pad.

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Orliman Orliman Single-sided hernia

Orliman Single-sided hernia

The Orliman single-sided inguinal hernia band is a band that has been successfully used for many years for an abdominal wall or inguinal hernia on the right or left side in the groin region. You can wear the inguinal hernia belt both before and after an o


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Orliman Orliman Double-sided hernia

Orliman Double-sided hernia

The classic double-sided inguinal hernia belt that has been used most often for years with a double inguinal hernia! You can wear the inguinal hernia belt both before and after an operation.


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Reh4Mat Reh4Mat Umbilical Hernia Belt

Reh4Mat Umbilical Hernia Belt

The Reh4Mat Umbilical hernia band gives pressure on the weak connective tissue around the abdominal or umbilical hernia through a silicone pad. This reduces discomfort such as pain, a visible bulge and it also ensures a faster recovery!


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Groin hernia or abdominal wall fracture?

Abdominal wall fracture ( hernia Eigastrica ): A abdominal wall fracture is a bump or bulge of the peritoneum due to a weak spot or an opening in your abdominal wall. Part of your abdominal contents (belly fat or a piece of intestine) can enter this bulge. When the abdominal fracture gets bigger, surgery is often necessary. They then attach a 'mat' in the opening. In addition, it may be necessary to wear an abdominal fracture band before or after surgery. This elastic band provides counter pressure against the 'bump', making it less easy to expand.

Groin hernia (inguinal hernia ): A groin hernia, like an abdominal wall fracture, is a rupture in the peritoneum. Only the location of this fracture is different and is in the left and / or right groin. A groin hernia is a bulge in the groin and it can get worse when more pressure is put on it. A hernia is often relatively harmless, but it can spread and give a nagging or burning sensation. In some exceptional cases, a groin hernia can become trapped. This entrapment causes a lot of pain. With a pinch, the contents of the peritoneum, for example the intestines, which is due to the fracture, can be pinched. As a result, it is possible that the pinched piece dies, which is why surgery must always be performed urgently! To prevent the bulge from getting bigger in a groin fracture, a groin hernia bandage or inguinal hernia bandage can be worn.

There are several causes that can make an abdominal wall or groin fracture worse:

  • Heavy lifting
  • Substantial weight gain
  • Cough
  • Pressing (for example with difficult bowel movements)

Fracture band at a groin or abdominal wall fracture

In some cases, a groin or abdominal wall fracture may occur. To prevent this fracture from spreading quickly, it is important to provide sufficient back pressure against the weakened peritoneum where the fracture is located. A fracture belt is ideal for this!

Fracture band for the groin or for the abdomen?

An abdominal fracture band is often a comfortable breathable elastic bandage. This abdominal fracture band is worn circularly around the body at the site of the fracture. Due to the circular pressure, the bulge is provided with a comfortable counterpressure, which prevents the bulge from expanding further. Please contact your ProBrace for good advice about proper truss. The type may depend on the location and size of the fracture.

A fracture band for the groin is an elastic belt with 1 or 2-sided silicone pad that can be placed on the fracture in the groin. This silicone pad (s) also provides the necessary back pressure to counteract the bulge. The silicone pad is infinitely adjustable and therefore much more universal in use. A model with which we have had very good experiences is the Ortel Fracture Belt from Thuasne .

Avoid getting worse and purchase your inguinal hernia

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