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Custom corsets

A corset or lumbar brace is a tool that can be used to correct, support or protect the lumbar spine. Customization can be chosen when a ready-to-wear product provides insufficient fit or support. Often a custom orthopedic corset is chosen for wear, overload, degenerative back problems (spondylosis or scoliosis at a later age) or (old) lumbar collapse fractures due to trauma or osteoporosis.

Just like a medical corset , an orthopedic corset provides stabilization and / or support for your back / lumbar spine. In professional language, orthopedic corsets are also called an orthosis or back orthosis. The difference between a medical corset and an orthopedic corset is mainly in the degree of stability and the materials used.

Medical Corset: A medical corset is often made to measure and made of elastic materials with flexible ribs. The advantage of this is that a medical corset gives a lot of freedom of movement, the disadvantage is that in some cases a medical corset cannot provide sufficient support.

Orthopedic Corset: The orthopedic corset is a custom corset and is made of 'Egyptian Cotton'. This is a type of textile that is double woven, so that in no direction stretch on the fabric is possible. This property makes it very suitable to make a sturdy orthopedic corset, rigid aluminum ribs or flexible ribs can be placed in the back.

A well-fitting corset is tailor-made

ProBrace manufactures all custom corsets in-house and therefore has complete control over delivery times and quality. ProBrace also manufactures special corsets with, for example, ostomy supplies and fracture / scar bands. A corset manufactured by ProBrace is characterized by user-friendliness and a comfortable fit and are only made of high quality cotton and leather. The lifespan of a custom orthopedic corset with daily use is 1.5 to 2 years.

Have the corset fitted

A well-fitting corset is tailor-made. That is why a corset should always be measured by one of our experienced employees. Then an appointment will be made to fit a fitting corset. Some adjustments can be made to this before the corset can be fully finished. At the third appointment, the corset is ready to be delivered.

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