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Basko Sport Ostomy EasyCut

The EasyCut Stoma Bandage is an affordable stoma bandage perfect for the active stoma wearer. Whether you like cycling, walking or tennis. This support band provides a comfortable and secure feeling!


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Basko EasyCut Ostomy Bandage - The support belt for active ostomates!

When wearing a stoma it is important to support the abdominal wall in efforts that increase the pressure on the abdominal wall, such as sports, cycling, walking, but also vacuuming, gardening or lifting.

Even with long-term illness such as coughing, sneezing or vomiting, the EasyCut stoma bandage provides the right support.

Thanks to the new color scheme, this bandage is virtually invisible under clothing. The special 'EasyCut' material together with the supplied template ensures that you can apply the position, shape and diameter with scissors without the need for further finishing.

Indication statements EasyCut Ostomy

  • If using a sport / change / spare support belt
  • Stoma (possibly in combination with prolapse)
  • To prevent a hernia (abdominal fracture)
  • To support a pre-existing hernia (abdominal fracture)
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Features and benefits Basko EasyCut Support Belt

  • Helps prevent prolapse (bulging of the intestine by the stoma)
  • Simply determine the stoma opening yourself
  • Possibility to wear the support strap without opening
  • Reduces the chance of leaks, supports the adhesion of the plate to the skin
  • Gives a confident and safe feeling
  • Support of existing abdominal hernias (abdominal fractures)
  • Provides support after hernia surgery
  • Preventive: Ensures that the chance of a new hernia is reduced
  • No hard ring around the opening
  • Can be expanded with a plastic protector cap to protect the stoma without disturbing the output (on request).

How to measure

It is best to measure your girth in a lying position. When measuring your girth, you should still be able to slide your hand between the measuring tape. An ostomy bandage should be worn on the same tightness to provide adequate support, yet be comfortable.

With the supplied template you can determine the correct shape, position and diameter according to individual needs. The outer ring size of the stoma plate is decisive for determining the correct diameter of the opening.

Height: 15 cm.

Measure: Stomach size:
1 / S 70 - 79 cm
2 / M 80 - 89 cm
3 / L 90 - 99 cm
4 / XL 100 - 109 cm
5 / 2XL 110-120 cm
6 / 3XL 121-130 cm
7 / 4XL 131 - 140 cm

Washing instructions

In order to extend the life of the stoma bandage, it is important to change and wash it regularly. You can machine wash the bandage at 30 ° in a wash bag or by hand. It is important to close the Velcro fasteners before washing to prevent lint and threads from sticking to the Velcro. It is best to use a mild detergent and no fabric softener. Allow the bandage to air dry, but never dry it in the dryer or on a warm surface.

Composition: Polyester, Lycra, Cotton and EVA.

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