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Buying a ski brace? Do you want to order a brace online while skiing?

Do you need a best quality ski brace ? ProBrace only offers ski races that we as specialists are 100% behind. Our team consists of movement technologists, physiotherapists and orthopedic instrument makers who strive for the best of the best!

Only top quality ski races

We only supply the best braces and sports braces at the moment that allow you to ski. ProBrace stands for quality!

Buying a ski brace? Do you want to order a brace online while skiing?



Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support Knee Brace

Sports Knee Support Knee Brace

Best overload protection: The Sports Knee Support provides compression, support and stability to the knee joint during extended exercise.


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Thuasne Genu Ligaflex Knee Brace

Genu Ligaflex Knee Brace

With an unstable knee, bandage and / or meniscal injury, the Thuasne Genu Ligaflex with the patented TM5 hinge provides proper support for your knee, without hindering your freedom of movement!


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Bauerfeind Genutrain S Knee Brace

Genutrain S Knee Brace

The Genutrain S is a sturdy knee brace with adjustable Velcro straps above and below the knee (recommended for an unstable / insecure knee) and plastic ribs on the sides of the knee, to stabilize the knee joint.


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Bauerfeind SecuTec Genu Rigid Knee Brace

SecuTec Genu Rigid Knee Brace

The Bauerfeind SecuTec Genu is a proven method in many hospitals for the conservative treatment of various knee ligament ruptures. The lightweight aluminum frame is anatomically shaped and comfortable to wear.


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Zamst Sport Thumb Brace Thumb Guard

Sport Thumb Brace Thumb Guard

The Zamst Sport Thumb Brace is a thumb brace that can be deformed by heat. This fits perfectly and is ideal for use during sports activities!


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Thuasne Ligaflex Rhizo Thumb Brace

Ligaflex Rhizo Thumb Brace

The Ligaflex Rhizo Thumb Brace has a metal wire reinforcement, which immobilizes the thumb in a non-painful position. The pressure that the brace gives is easy to regulate and therefore ideal in case of thumb arthrosis.


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Thuasne Dynastab Dual Compact Wrist Brace

Dynastab Dual Compact Wrist Brace

The Thuasne Dynastab Dual is an ideal wrist brace for starting wrist complaints or a sprain. This wrist brace is compact, easy to use and the degree of support is easy to adjust using various included ribs.


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Ossur Össur FormFit Wrist Brace

Össur FormFit Wrist Brace

The Ossur FormFit Wrist Brace has the best price-quality ratio of the moment! Very affordable, comfortable and durable.


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Thuasne Ligaflex Classic Wrist Brace

Ligaflex Classic Wrist Brace

The Thuasne Ligaflex Classic Wrist Brace is a comfortable wrist splint and ideal for wrist sprains, traumatic wrist problems, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) or instability of the wrist joint.


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Bauerfeind LumboLoc Forte Back Brace

LumboLoc Forte Back Brace

Stabilizing orthosis to relieve pain around the lumbar spine. By using the extra straps you fix and stabilize the lower back to the maximum.


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GO Medical Flat foot insoles

Flat foot insoles

These flat-footed insoles have a hard plastic core, so that the medial arch (the arch of the foot) is well supported. This is necessary to prevent the arch of the foot from collapsing. The optimal support, stability at flat feet!


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GO Medical Bunion protector sock (for hallux valgus)

Bunion protector sock (for hallux valgus)

This bunion protector is a front foot sock that you can wear in your shoe during the day or at night. The sock feels like a second home and the gel cushion protects the bump of your big toe against friction and pressure marks.


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Thuasne Comfort Elbow Crutches - Single or per pair

Comfort Elbow Crutches - Single or per pair

The Comfort Elbow crutches are adjustable in height at two points, offer a closed cuff for safety and an anatomical handle for the correct pressure distribution and optimal user comfort.


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Push Push Med Knee Brace

Push Med Knee Brace

The Push Med Knee Brace provides support for forward and backward movements and does not give in to sideways movement, which ensures stability of the knee. The Sympress material of the Push Med Knee Brace feels like a second skin.


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Reh4Mat Reh4Mat Sport Thumb Brace

Reh4Mat Sport Thumb Brace

The Reh4Mat Sport Thumb Brace is a lightweight thumb brace intended for use during sports. The thumb brace is provided with a thermoforming thumb cushion that prevents joint damage or injuries; ideal for an active life.


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Wear knee brace while skiing

About 20% of winter athletes sustain an injury, most of which are knee injuries. Of these knee injuries, inner tubes (MCL) and anterior cruciate ligament ruptures (ACL) are the most common. Knee injuries are much more common among skiers than snowboarders. There are various causes, but distortions, not breaking loose from ski bindings and poor preparation for winter sports are common causes. In terms of numbers, knee injuries among athletes remain fairly constant, but in proportion to the number of winter sports injuries, knee injuries are seen to increase more and more. An elastic knee brace for skiing can make your knee less painful and tired. However, a rigid knee brace can also make a major contribution to the prevention of a new injury. For more information we have also written this informative blog .

Thumb brace

The 'ski thumb' is a tendon rupture on the thumb that is classically created because you have the ski poles on your wrist and thumb. In the event of a fall, your thumb can then stretch, resulting in a ski thumb. Preventive wear of a thumb brace can easily prevent this injury. Even if you have ever had a ski thumb, it is recommended to go skiing with thumb braces. This stabilizes the thumb joint and protects the thumb joint in the event of a fall.

Wrist brace

In contrast to skiers, (novice) snowboarders are especially vulnerable to wrist injuries and broken wrists. Because both feet are attached to the snowboard, the wrists are often used to absorb falls. The preventive wearing of good firm wrist braces with ribs ensures that these forces can be absorbed and distributed to the forearms.

Back brace

Skiing and snowboarding are stressful sports for the back. Especially when you have back problems quickly, wearing a good back brace is very important. A wrong fall or unexpected movement can already lead to back problems that spoil the winter sports holiday. Wearing a good back brace during winter sports can prevent these complaints.

Arch supports

Burning sore feet or bottlenecks in the ski boot can ruin the fun. Often simple insoles or silicone aids are sufficient to solve these complaints for good.