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Want to buy a hockey brace?

Do you need a sports brace of the best quality for hockey? View our range of hockey braces online or make an appointment for a personal consultation. A brace that is easy to use during exercise and does not hinder? ProBrace only offers braces that we as specialists are 100% behind. Our team consists of movement technologists, physiotherapists and orthopedic instrument makers who strive for the best of the best!

Only top quality hockey braces

We only supply the best braces and sports braces of the moment. ProBrace stands for quality!

Want to buy a hockey brace?
Push Sports Push Sport Wrist Brace

Push Sport Wrist Brace

The Push Sports Wrist Brace is seen as one of the best wrist braces during exercise. This wrist brace offers optimum freedom of movement during sports activities and supports when needed!

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hockey ankle brace or knee brace?

Braces are widely used by hockey players around the world. A brace used for sports should give as little hindrance as possible. A sports brace or sports bandage is generally slightly smoother and slimmer in shape than the other strains of its kind. In hockey, the brace should not give too much obstruction, but should support where necessary. The Aircast A60 and the ASO ankle brace are very suitable ankle braces for hockey.

Does a brace weaken my muscles?

It is a myth that wearing ankle tape or brace leads to muscle weakness in athletes. An average Dutch athlete only sports two to three a week. This is equivalent to being active for about 4-6 hours. During hockey, the tape or brace acts as an aid to avoid creating peak loads on the ankle straps, thereby preventing new ankle injuries. The muscles around the ankle are stimulated enough not to relax. Wearing a brace provides protection but does not immediately weaken the muscles.

Advice when selecting your hockey brace!

ProBrace is always there for its customers and puts service first. Through our chat you can get in touch with one of our employees online to get advice on buying an ankle brace, knee brace, elbow brace or other type of sports brace. You can also ask for advice by phone, our team is always there for you. Would you like to try on the brace and hold it there. Then make an appointment by telephone at one of our meeting points .
ProBrace only offers hockey braces that we as specialists are 100% behind. If you would like another type of brace that is not on our site, please do not hesitate to contact us. we are specialists in our field! trained to measure sports braces, bandages and other medical facilities.

You can find a size chart with every brace on our website. Select the correct size and side. Some braces can be used universally and therefore this option will not appear.

Want to buy a hockey brace?