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Souls Footcare Flat foot soles for Children

Children's insoles suitable for flat feet, or when you just want good support for your child's feet! Can be used in all children's shoe types and made of washable and hard-wearing EVA material.


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Arch supports for children with flat feet - Support for shoe sizes 19 to 33!

The special children's insoles from Souls provide the right support for a child's feet. Suitable for various foot complaints or simply when the shoe offers little or no support. Suitable in any type of shoe!

The children's insoles from Souls offer good support to your child's foot. The medial arch support and the heel cup ensure a good position of the foot and stability while standing and walking. Very suitable when your child has flat feet or when the feet are overpronated (the foot sinking in). Also useful for various complaints of the forefoot, heel or ankle and knee (alignment complaints).

The Souls insoles for children are made of EVA material. This material is soft, flexible, light and durable. In addition, it is easy to clean with water, because the soles do not absorb moisture. Ideal for use by children!

Indications for children's arch supports

  • Overpronation
  • Flat feet
  • Sagging arch of the foot
  • Heel complaints
  • Complaints to ankles or knees (alignment)
  • Support in sports
  • Sensitive children's feet

Properties and benefits of children's insoles

  • Can be used in any children's shoe
  • Very suitable for children with a foot that has dropped inwards (overpronation or flat feet)
  • Longitudinal arch support of the foot (medial arch support)
  • EVA material
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Very wear resistant
  • Prevents complaints in the foot, ankle and knee

Determine your size

The Souls insoles for children are available in 5 sizes. Based on the shoe size, you can easily determine the correct size in the size chart below.

Measure Shoe size
XS 19 - 21
S. 22 - 24
M. 25 - 27
L. 28 - 30
XL 31 - 33

NB: Ready-to-wear insoles are always sold in pairs! Is your size not listed? Then contact us for tailor-made advice.

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