Are braces and bandages reimbursed by the health insurer? - ProBrace



In some cases, your orthosis ordered online can be (partially) reimbursed through your health insurance. The medical indication, the intended use and the duration thereof determine whether you, your health insurance or your hospital pay for your facility.

Reimbursement from your health insurer via ProBrace?

In order to qualify for a reimbursement, you must meet a number of conditions:

  • You are insured with a Dutch insurance company
  • You are in possession of a recent referral from a medical specialist (orthopedist, rheumatologist, etc.).
  • The intended use is permanent and long-term / chronic (daily, longer than 6 months)
  • The product is not used for sports

For some health insurers, a referral from a general practitioner is sufficient, especially in the case of a repeat provision. You can check this with your doctor or health insurer.

We ask you to take into account the following:
When your orthosis is reimbursed from the basic package, it will be irrevocably deducted from your deductible. If your insurance uses cluster prices *, this may mean that you pay considerably more for your orthosis than if you purchase it for your own account. Therefore, always check beforehand whether this is the case, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Because your reimbursed facility is subject to wear, you are entitled to a replacement orthosis over time. The terms of use differ per health insurance. On average, ready-to-wear (standard) orthotics must be used for at least 24 months. You can find the exact term of use in the policy conditions of your own insurance.

As a webshop it is not possible to have direct contracts with a health insurer. If you still want to declare your product to your health insurer, it is best to contact our customer service in advance . They will inform you about the steps to be followed during the declaration process.

In many cases you will receive a partial reimbursement of a maximum of 75% of the standard rate for contracted care. Provided that the indication and intended use match what is included in your policy conditions. So always check this with your health insurer!

This information may change every year, ProBrace does its best to provide this information as accurately as possible, but no rights can be derived from this. For exact reimbursements we recommend that you always check your own policy conditions or contact our customer service.

* Cluster prices: Some insurers use cluster prices. This means that fixed payments are made for certain provisions, regardless of the actual cost price. If you want to know whether your insurance also uses cluster prices, you should check this with your health insurer.