Product warranty with ProBrace - ProBrace



The legal warranty applies to all items sold by us. The manufacturer's warranty also applies to some items. Any factory guarantees given do not affect the legal warranty. The legal warranty means that the article must do what you can reasonably expect from it within the intended use of the product. The intended user term strongly depends on the type of product and the price / quality ratio. Each warranty claim will be specifically assessed, the table below is usually used as a guide.

Silicone (hygiene) items 6 weeks
Braces, not with rigid support or hinges, all neoprene braces, ready-to-wear insoles 6 months
Other braces 12 months


If the article shows defects within the user term, ProBrace will repair or replace the article for free. Where it is not reasonably possible to repair or replace the item, we will refund the purchase amount.

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, defects caused by misuse, external disaster (water damage, drops, lightning strike, etc.) or use without observing warnings and operating instructions in the relevant manuals.
To make use of our guarantee scheme, you must complete the following steps:

  • Send your request by email to [email protected] or call +31 (0) 85 4011 911.
  • Mention the order number and a clear description of the complaint with clear images.
  • You will receive an answer to your question by e-mail within 48 hours (with the exception of weekends and public holidays).

The above-mentioned guarantee scheme obviously does not affect your other rights under the law.