Consultation costs at ProBrace - ProBrace

Consultation costs

Just like with any other healthcare provider, we charge consultation costs for a visit to us in Amersfoort or at another meeting location. Our rate for a consultation of 20 minutes is 15 euros. Consultation costs will be canceled for purchases of more than 150 euros.

Why consultation costs?

Included in this amount is a compensation for the costs that do not apply to a webshop purchase. Our webshop prices are stripped of these costs to offer a competitive price for the online consumer. If you do opt for a consultation with us, we will reserve time for you with a qualified paramedic. You can expect an assessment and honest matching advice based on your complaints & wishes and possibly a clear instruction of the chosen aid. The consultation costs are a compensation for these labor, administration and housing costs. Consultation costs must be paid directly by PIN.

Do I get a discount if I make an appointment with someone else?

Even if you visit the consultation hour with several people, you pay consultation costs per person. The advice is tailored to the individual. In addition, more time has been reserved for an appointment for several people.

Nothing suitable, still consultation costs?

Sometimes it appears during a consultation that a brace or aid is not the best solution for you. During the reserved time, we will look at your wishes & complaints and provide any additional (health) advice. That is why we will also charge a consultation with you if no purchase is made.

Do I also have to pay for a second consultation?

A consultation is also calculated if you come for a second or third facility. It is therefore cheaper to order a repeat of the same product yourself via the webshop.