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Push Med Neck Brace

The Push Med Neck Brace is a very comfortable anatomically preformed neck brace made of form-retaining foam. The neck brace contains a removable part for extra reinforcement.


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Push Med Neck Brace - With removable plastic core!

The Push Med Neck Brace is a stable pre-formed neck brace of form-retaining foam, with a removable part for extra support.

The neck bra from Push Med is a very stable and comfortable neck brace that allows you to wear both a soft and a semi-soft neck brace. You can remove the plastic part from the neck brace so that you can wear a soft neck brace in addition to a semi-rigid neck brace. This may be desirable in the recovery phase of your neck complaints or when you want more or less support for your neck at night or during the day.

Indications Push Med Neck Brace

  • Acute neck injury
  • Whiplash
  • Pre-operative or post-operative cervical spine
  • HNP of the neck (neck hernia)
  • Cervical osteoarthritis (neck osteoarthritis
  • Muscle disorders (such as MS, ALS or Parkinson's)
  • Other conditions where you want to stabilize the neck

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Features and benefits Neck Bra Push Med

  • Available in two sizes (see size chart below) and two heights (8 and 10 cm)
  • Anatomically preformed (very comfortable)
  • With removable plastic part for extra support (semi-rigid neck brace and soft neck brace in one)
  • Easy to clean with a hand wash

How do you measure the Push Med Neck Brace?

The Push Med Neck Brace is available in two sizes and two heights (8 and 10 cm). For the size you measure the size of the neck, in the middle of the neck. For the height, measure the distance between your chin and the top of your breastbone. See the size chart below to determine the correct size.


Measure neck brace


Measure Neck size
1 27 - 36 cm
2 36 - 46 cm

Note: the Push Med Neck Brace is available in two heights (8 and 10 cm). Make sure you select the correct height before you complete the order.


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