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Push Med Ankle Brace Aequi Flex

The Push Med Aequi Flex is an ankle brace in which mobility and rigidity merge well. The ankle is firmly supported without restricting the freedom of movement.

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Push Med Aequi Flex Ankle Brace - Support without limitations!

The Push Med Aequi Flex has perfect support, is located exclusively on the inside of the ankle and has a recess around the ankle. The outside is made of latex-free neoprene-like material that easily adapts to the shape of your ankle. The orthosis is fixed with a diagonal band and the elastic bands apply pressure around the ankle.

The Push Med Aequi flex is worn over the sock, optimal stabilization is achieved when the brace is worn in a closed (lace) shoe. Thanks to the thin design, the Push Med Aequi Flex fits in almost all shoes.

Indications Push Med Aequi Flex Ankle Brace

The Push Med Aequi Flex can be used for functional treatment of ankle sprain and for long-term use with chronic instability.

  • After ankle trauma (inversion / eversion)
  • After a plaster treatment with a single fracture
  • After treatment after an ankle rupture
  • Chronic ankle instability
  • Hypermobility

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Features and benefits Aequi Ankle Brace Push

  • Elastic bands for comfort and minimal restriction
  • Easy to install
  • Anatomically correct fit
  • Dutch product

How to measure the Push Med Aequi Ankle Brace

To easily determine the correct size Push Med ankle brace, measure the circumference of the heel / instep (see image above). The Push Med Aequi Flex Ankle Brace is available for the left and right ankle.

Measure Size only (in cm)
1 27-31 cm
2 31-34 cm
3 34-40 cm


  • Wear a thin sock under the brace to increase wearing comfort.
  • Always close all Velcro fasteners after use to preserve the material.

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