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Viofix single inguinal hernia (single)

This groin hernia band from Viofix can be used for the treatment of an inguinal hernia. You wear this inguinal hernia band as a conservative treatment for an inguinal hernia or for support after surgery.

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Abdominal fracture band Viofix - Fracture band in case of a groin fracture!

A single inguinal hernia band (from Viofix) is used for people who have suffered a inguinal hernia or abdominal wall fracture.

What is an inguinal hernia?

With a groin fracture, a tear (hernia) occurs in the abdominal wall. This usually happens at the level of the groin. Treatment for a groin hernia is often surgical or conservative. However, conservative treatment can also serve as support before or after surgery. Would you like to receive more information about this? Feel free to contact us and ask one of our specialists for free advice.

Groin hernia?

You can use a groin hernia band when you have an abdominal fracture. This can be in the groin region, but also when it concerns the lower abdominal wall. The inguinal hernia band supports the abdominal wall by means of a silicone pad. In this way it is prevented that too much pressure is created on the fracture, which might break the abdominal wall (again). This often happens with the smallest movements such as coughing, pressing or sneezing.

In addition to this single-sided Novamed inguinal hernia belt, there is also the double version of this inguinal hernia belt. An alternative product is the Ortel Lose hernia band from Thuasne .

Indication statements Viofix inguinal hernia (single-sided)

  • Single-sided inguinal hernia
  • Single-sided abdominal wall fracture

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Features and benefits of the abdominal fracture belt

  • Can be worn on the left or right (2 variants possible)
  • Easy to wear under clothing
  • Soft silicone pad to support the abdominal wall / groin area

How to measure

The Viofix Single hernia band is universally (1 size) available in a left and a right version . Above you can select the side. The color of the product is standard beige. See also the double inguinal hernia band variant of Viofix.

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