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Viofix knee brace with hinges

The Viofix knee brace with hinges is a knee brace especially for people with heavier knee injuries. This includes serious instabilities, knee band lesions, status after ACL reconstruction or before / after a meniscus treatment.

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Knee brace with hinge Viofix - Sturdy brace for the knee!

This product has been replaced for the new and improved version: The Teyder Neoprene Knee Brace with Hinges!

The Viofix knee brace with hinges is a knee brace that is used for more serious injuries to the knee. Do you have heavy meniscus problems? Front Cross Band (VKB) or Rear Cross Band (AKB) problems? Heavy instability in the knee? Serious tire injury? Heavy osteoarthritis in the knee? Then this knee brace is the knee brace for you!

A knee brace with a cruciate ligament rupture

The crotch straps in the knee provide stability in the knee and prevent a translation (a movement forwards and backwards) of the lower leg in relation to the upper leg. If you have a rupture of your cruciate ligament (s), there is slack on the knee joint and your knee will become unstable. This knee brace from Novamed stabilizes the knee joint and prevents forward-backward drawer movement with the Velcro straps. This is very important if you have sustained VKB / AKB injuries. Would you like to know more about VKB / AKB injuries? View our injury page about anterior cruciate ligament injury or posterior cruciate ligament injury or contact us and ask one of our specialists for free advice.

Which knee brace for meniscus complaints?

The two crescent-shaped disks in the knee joint, between the upper leg and lower leg, are the meniscii. The inner and outer meniscus ensure that the femur (upper leg bone) and the tibia (the lower leg bone) fit better and that there is no point load in the knee joint. The meniscusses ensure good pressure distribution and stability in the knee. With an (acute) meniscal injury, a meniscus tear occurs, often resulting in instability and pain. We recommend this knee brace with hinges for severe meniscal injuries. Do you have mild meniscal injury or a mild instability in the knee? Then we recommend the knee brace without hinges . For more information about meniscal complaints, please refer to our injury page .

Indication statements Viofix knee brace

  • Heavy knee injury
  • Severe meniscal injury
  • (Status after) VKB or AKB injury / reconstruction
  • Heavy instability of the knee joint
  • Band lesions / fractures of the knee
  • Long-term patella femoral complaints
  • Heavy sense of instability / uncertainty in the knee

Support class 3

Features and benefits knee brace with hinge

  • Universal: can be worn on the left and right
  • Neoprene material
  • Patella ring to stabilize the kneecap
  • Double Velcro closure for stabilization during translation (important for VKB / AKB injuries)
  • Infinitely adjustable closing mechanism
  • Easy to put on yourself
  • Easy to wash
  • High wearing comfort

How to measure

This knee brace is available in sizes S - XXL and can be worn on both the left and right . You determine your size by measuring the size of your knee (over the kneecap). You can then read your size in the table below.

Measure Size
S 30 - 34 cm
M 34 - 38 cm
L 39 - 41 cm
XL 42 - 46 cm
XXL 46 - 50 cm

NB: This Novamed knee brace can be worn both left and right.

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