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CARE Heel Spur Night Splint

This night splint is ideal for the conservative treatment of heel spurs and Achilles tendon complaints.


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Night Splint / Night Brace - Effective for heel spurs and Achilles tendon complaints!

This night splint is suitable for the conservative treatment of heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendon complaints. We recommend a combination with the (soft) insoles for optimal results.

NB: This heel spur night splint can be worn on the left or right. The night splint comes standard with an extra elevation to put the tendon plate under your foot on an extra stretch. This is strongly recommended for heel spur complaints.
How to use the night splint:
  • Wear the night splint every night for 4-6 weeks for best results. When putting on, build a noticeable stretch at the bottom of the foot. In addition to wearing a splint, our specialized physiotherapists advise you to do targeted oenigen (with heel spurs), which can be downloaded here.


  • The night splint can break the cycle of injury, pain and re-injury by limiting soft tissue contraction during the night.
  • This night splint comfortably supports the foot in a controlled amount of dorsal flexion (the position of the foot when the toes are contracted), which applies a Low Load Prolonged Stretch (LLPS) to the soft tissues of the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon.

Indication settings for wearing the night splint

  • Plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the tendon plate)
  • Heel spur
  • Achilles tendon complaints
  • Dorsal flexion limitation (movement in the ankle joint where the toes of the foot move towards the shin)
Support class 3

Features and benefits of the night splint

  • Minimal chance of cramping when worn
  • Can be used on the left or right
  • The position of the splint can be adjusted individually
  • Even pressure under the entire sole of the foot

Accessories to be added


Measure the correct size

The correct size night splint is easy to read in the size chart below. Your shoe size is decisive in this. The night splint can be worn both left and right.
Measure Shoe size ladies Shoe size Men Orthosis height Base plate length
Small 35-40 35-40 33 cm 24 cm  
Medium 40-42 40-42 35 cm 26 cm  
Large > 42 42-45 38 cm 28 cm  
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