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The running soles that we offer have been a household name in the sports and medical world for years and have been regarded as the absolute top for years.

Running soles for everyone

When using insoles when running, the chance of injuries is considerably smaller because of the higher cushioning at the bottom of the feet. Because the feet come down on a soft surface, the risk of peak load on the underside of the foot is reduced.




Souls Footcare Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

Insoles specially designed for the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis / Tendon inflammation. Supports the arch of the foot and relieves the tendon plate. The soles hereby tackle the cause of your pain!


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Souls Footcare Comfort Steunzolen
Bauerfeind Bauerfeind Sports Ergopad Run & Walk Arch Support

Bauerfeind Sports Ergopad Run & Walk Arch Support

The ErgoPad run & walk arch support is a support sole specially developed for running sports that absorbs the shocks as well as possible while running, to prevent complaints to the feet.

€72,99 €52,95

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GO Medical Heel Spur Soles

Heel Spur Soles

These heel spur soles are the ideal solution for complaints such as heel spur, an inflamed tendon plate (plantar fasciitis), heel pain and other pain around the heel.

€32,95 €22,95

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Footlogics Footlogics Sport Insoles

Footlogics Sport Insoles

Need sport insoles? Footlogics sports insoles are extra thin insoles for sports shoes. This insole has a light medial arch support and two Poron cores for (much!) Cushioning at the heel and forefoot. Ideal during sports!

€42,95 €32,95

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Bauerfeind Ergopad Redux Heel 2 - Heel Spur Arch Support

Ergopad Redux Heel 2 - Heel Spur Arch Support

Do you suffer from severe or persistent pain in your heel or a heel spur? Then the Ergopad redux heel 2 is really something for you! This flexible insole fits in any shoe and reduces acute heel pain.

€72,95 €50,95

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Souls Footcare Thin gel insoles

Thin gel insoles

Soles with a cushioning and supportive effect. Choose the thin gel insoles if you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, heel spurs, osteoarthritis or rheumatism in your feet.

€27,95 €17,95

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