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GO Medical Flat foot insoles

Flat foot insoles

These flat-footed insoles have a hard plastic core, so that the medial arch (the arch of the foot) is well supported. This is necessary to prevent the arch of the foot from collapsing. The optimal support, stability at flat feet!


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Souls Footcare Comfort Steunzolen
Footlogics Footlogics Comfort Insoles - Flat foot soles

Footlogics Comfort Insoles - Flat foot soles

Are you looking for the best insoles for flat feet? Then look no further! The Footlogics Comfort insoles are with their deep heel cup and high medial arch support the best insole for people with flat feet!


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Footlogics Footlogics Comfort Plus Insoles

Footlogics Comfort Plus Insoles

The comfort plus insoles are guaranteed the best mix of stability and comfort. The support of the foot arch and the deep heel cup guarantee a better position of the foot and are the solution for overpronation!

€52,95 €37,95

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Souls Footcare Halve Inlegzolen
Footlogics Footlogics Casual Insoles - Extra thin insole

Footlogics Casual Insoles - Extra thin insole

Are you looking for extra thin and small insoles? These three-quarter insoles are intended for narrow shoes and are placed on the original footbed of the shoes.


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GO Medical Hallux insole

Hallux insole

This arch support is characterized by a stiff forefoot section. This rigid part makes this arch support very suitable for people who have complaints of the big toe (eg a Hallux Valgus or a Hallux Rigidus).


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Souls Footcare Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

Insoles specially designed for the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis / Tendon inflammation. Supports the arch of the foot and relieves the tendon plate. The soles hereby tackle the cause of your pain!


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GO Medical Heel Spur Soles

Heel Spur Soles

These heel spur soles are the ideal solution for complaints such as heel spur, an inflamed tendon plate (plantar fasciitis), heel pain and other pain around the heel.

€32,95 €22,95

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Bauerfeind Ergopad Redux Heel 2 - Heel Spur Arch Support

Ergopad Redux Heel 2 - Heel Spur Arch Support

Do you suffer from severe or persistent pain in your heel or a heel spur? Then the Ergopad redux heel 2 is really something for you! This flexible insole fits in any shoe and reduces acute heel pain.

€72,95 €49,95

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Footlogics Footlogics Sport Insoles

Footlogics Sport Insoles

Need sport insoles? Footlogics sports insoles are extra thin insoles for sports shoes. This insole has a light medial arch support and two Poron cores for (much!) Cushioning at the heel and forefoot. Ideal during sports!

€42,95 €32,95

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Bauerfeind Bauerfeind Ergopad Ball & Racket Arch Support

Bauerfeind Ergopad Ball & Racket Arch Support

The ErgoPad® Ball & Racket sports insole is perfect for your feet and joints. The heel cup gives support to the heel, the arch support is covered with sensorimotor spots and the weightflex-X core provides optimal stability!

€72,99 €52,95

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Bauerfeind Bauerfeind Sports Ergopad Run & Walk Arch Support

Bauerfeind Sports Ergopad Run & Walk Arch Support

The ErgoPad run & walk arch support is a support sole specially developed for running sports that absorbs the shocks as well as possible while running, to prevent complaints to the feet.

€72,99 €52,95

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Souls Footcare Silicone insoles

Silicone insoles

Ideal for use on people with sensitive feet (eg due to arthrosis, rheumatism, diabetes or a sagging foot). These insoles contain soft spots at the heel and metatarsal legs and a forefoot pad to support the forefoot.


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GO Medical Cushioning Insoles (for Diabetes / Osteoarthritis)

Cushioning Insoles (for Diabetes / Osteoarthritis)

This comfortable insole is a cushioning insole that is used in people with metatarsalgia, neuropathic pain under the feet, diabetes feet, osteoarthritis or simply for extra comfort while standing, exercising & going.

€42,95 €20,95

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Souls Footcare Footlogics Sensi Insoles - Copy
Footlogics Footlogics Sensi Insoles - Soles for sensitive feet (diabetes / arthritis)

Footlogics Sensi Insoles - Soles for sensitive feet (diabetes / arthritis)

These Sensi Insoles are soles specially developed for people with sore, burning and / or sensitive feet. Do you suffer from gout, neuropathy, arthrosis, arthritis or a diabetic foot? Then try these full-length Footlogics Sensi insoles!


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Footlogics Footlogics High Very Comfort Insoles
Souls Footcare Souls Inlegzolen voor Kinderen
Footlogics Footlogics Kids Insoles - Arch supports for children

Footlogics Kids Insoles - Arch supports for children

Are you looking for ready-to-wear insoles for your child! These children's insoles from Footlogics have a sturdy core, a medial arch support (against flat feet and overpronation), a deep heel cup and look very nice!


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GO Medical Gel heels Heel track

Gel heels Heel track

Buy heel spur gel heels for heel spurs, Achilles tendon complaints or Sever's disease? These comfortable half gel heels are the ideal cushioning in your shoe!

€32,95 €19,95

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Bauerfeind Viscoheel


ViscoHeel® are anatomically shaped, viscoelastic heel cushions that effectively reduce pressure on the joints, spine and Achilles tendon. The ViscoHeel® can be worn in any (sports) shoe. Content: 1 pair.


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Bauerfeind Viscospot


ViscoSpot® functions as a shock absorber for your heels and ankles. The elastic material absorbs impact loads and combats pain. This way you can continue to walk comfortably.


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GO Medical Thin gel heels (5 mm)

Thin gel heels (5 mm)

These extremely thin gel heels are an excellent solution for various complaints of the foot and ankle. Wear these heels in your shoe during the day. The damping effect solves your complaints!

€27,95 €19,95

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Insoles, arch supports and sport arch supports are advised for correct posture and support during the day. This can be during work, during sports or during other daily activities. After all, proper support starts at the base of the body, the feet. ProBrace has different insoles and insoles for all foot types and for different complaints.

See below an overview of all insoles:


Gel insoles

Check this page if you are looking for different types of gel insoles . These are insoles made of silicone, in all sizes and types; from thick to thin and from 1/1 soles (whole soles) and 1/2 soles (half soles). If you are unsure about which insoles are right for you? Read the product descriptions, follow our injury guide or contact us.


Heel increase

Are you looking for a heel elevation or a small elevation in your shoe? On this page you will find various elevations for your heel in all sizes and shapes. Here most people opt for a half-heel increase to 'make up for a leg length difference / tilt of the pelvis' or to have a temporary elevation of the leg take place (for example with SI complaints during pregnancy).


Running soles

Are you looking for insoles for running? On this page you will find various insoles that are suitable for use when running. When running it is important to take into account the training intensity, frequency, the surface and certainly the footwear. We offer different insoles for running. If you are not sure which soles fit your complaints / wishes? Please contact our team of specialists .


Heel spur soles

Heel spur is a common and very persistent complaint that often lasts for a long time. Also read our blog about heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. Who knows, you might learn something! On this page about heel spur insoles you will find various products from different suppliers worldwide. When choosing the heel spur product , pay particular attention to how long you have been experiencing the complaints, the intensity of the complaints and when you have these complaints. Our team can give you perfect advice regarding your complaints. Would you also like tailor-made advice? Then contact us!


Sport insoles

Insoles for sports are very important and often very difficult to select. We have made a selection of various sports soles that we think are the best sports soles on the market today. We offer the Footlogics sport soles because they have an extremely good footbed, provide medium medial arch support and also provide cushioning around the forefoot and at the heel. Exactly what you want when walking! In addition, we offer the Souls sport soles with a deep heel shell that provides stability, the heel damper that provides cushioning at the heel, the forefoot pad that ensures a soft settlement and in addition a plastic shell that ensures that you land stable. Perfect for walking!


Arch supports

Soles that really provide support are rare. We are very critical of our selection of insoles . There is usually something to criticize on all the insoles on the market. Also the soles we offer, but we did our best! We chose the Footlogics Comfort Plus insoles , because they offer 3 important things that a SUPPORT sole should offer! This means that they have a stable heel cockpit, a plastic core and a high medial arch support!


Flat foot soles

Flat foot soles have a high medial vault incorporated in the sole, in order to support the flat foot well. This way your ankle joint is a lot more straight and you often have less problems with complaints in the ankle , complaints around the knee and hip, pelvis or back problems .