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Heel spurs are silicone insoles or arch supports with good arch support that you can easily place in your shoe. These insoles provide cushioning and pressure distribution. As a result, you will notice a relief of your pain complaints in painful heels and / or heel spur complaints.

All our heel spur soles are carefully selected

To help you the best at a distance, ProBrace selects only the best insoles. We have gained experience in practice and during our consultation hours to help you optimally. Our selected heel spur soles are only of the best quality and are produced within Europe.




Bauerfeind Viscospot


ViscoSpot® functions as a shock absorber for your heels and ankles. The elastic material absorbs impact loads and combats pain. This way you can continue to walk comfortably.


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GO Medical Heel spur Insoles

Heel spur Insoles

These heel spur insoles are the ideal solution for complaints such as heel spurs, an inflamed tendon plate (plantar fasciitis), heel pain and other pain around the heel.

€32,95 €24,95

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Footlogics Footlogics Sport Insoles

Footlogics Sport Insoles

Need sport insoles? Footlogics sports insoles are extra thin insoles for sports shoes. This insole has a light medial arch support and two Poron cores for (much!) Cushioning at the heel and forefoot. Ideal during sports!

€42,95 €34,95

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Souls Footcare Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

Insoles specially designed for the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis / Tendon inflammation. Supports the arch of the foot and relieves the tendon plate. The soles hereby tackle the cause of your pain!


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Bauerfeind Ergopad Redux Heel 2 - Heel Spur Arch Support

Ergopad Redux Heel 2 - Heel Spur Arch Support

Do you suffer from severe or persistent pain in your heel or a heel spur? Then the Ergopad redux heel 2 is really something for you! This flexible insole fits in any shoe and reduces acute heel pain.

€72,95 €54,95

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GO Medical Thin gel heels (5 mm)

Thin gel heels (5 mm)

These extremely thin gel heels are an excellent solution for various complaints of the foot and ankle. Wear these heels in your shoe during the day. The damping effect solves your complaints!

€27,95 €14,95

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Still need advice for the right heel spur soles?

If you are unsure about the correct insoles, you can contact one of our experienced employees via our chat. They can advise you when buying the right insole. You can also ask for advice by phone or email , our helpdesk is ready for you! If you would rather fit or see the insole, you can make an appointment by telephone at one of our meeting points .

Arch supports and sport soles are often advised and prescribed to effect a correction of your support and musculoskeletal system. Regular arch supports but also sport arch supports can be prescribed by medical specialists, for example: orthopedic art, trauma doctor, rehabilitation or general practitioner. If you have a referral, please make an appointment at one of our meeting points .