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GO Medical Cushioning Insoles (for Diabetes / Osteoarthritis)

Cushioning Insoles (for Diabetes / Osteoarthritis)

This comfortable insole is a cushioning insole that is used in people with metatarsalgia, neuropathic pain under the feet, diabetes feet, osteoarthritis or simply for extra comfort while standing, exercising & going.

€39,95 €14,95

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Footlogics Footlogics Sensi Insoles - Soles for sensitive feet (diabetes / arthritis)

Footlogics Sensi Insoles - Soles for sensitive feet (diabetes / arthritis)

These Sensi Insoles are soles specially developed for people with sore, burning and / or sensitive feet. Do you suffer from gout, neuropathy, arthrosis, arthritis or a diabetic foot? Then try these full-length Footlogics Sensi insoles!


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Bauerfeind Viscoheel


ViscoHeel® are anatomically shaped, viscoelastic heel cushions that effectively reduce pressure on the joints, spine and Achilles tendon. The ViscoHeel® can be worn in any (sports) shoe. Content: 1 pair.


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Bauerfeind Viscospot


ViscoSpot® functions as a shock absorber for your heels and ankles. The elastic material absorbs impact loads and combats pain. This way you can continue to walk comfortably.


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GO Medical Thin gel heels (5 mm)

Thin gel heels (5 mm)

These extremely thin gel heels are an excellent solution for various complaints of the foot and ankle. Wear these heels in your shoe during the day. The damping effect solves your complaints!

€27,95 €14,95

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Souls Footcare Souls Neuropathy Insoles - Insoles for Sensitive Feet (Neuropathy)

Souls Neuropathy Insoles - Insoles for Sensitive Feet (Neuropathy)

These new 'Neuro' soles from Souls Footcare have been specially developed for people with painful, burning and/or sensitive feet due to Neuropathy. Do you suffer from neuropathic complaints? Try the soft Souls Neuropathy insoles!


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Need gel soles and order directly online?

When you have painful heels or heel spur complaints, silicone heels or gel soles can help you to reduce the pain. These gel heels can be placed as an insole in your shoe in place of the heel.

Our gel soles are carefully selected

ProBrace selects only the best products, based on our practical experience and our consultation hours. Our gel soles are also of the best quality and are produced within Europe.

You can use these gel soles for:

  • Plantar fascia
  • Heel spur
  • Morbus sever
  • Etc.

Because these heels are made of silicone, they will not slide in the shoe during use. Many people notice immediate pain relief when using these insoles. You can only buy these heels in pairs, you should always use them as a pair to prevent a pelvic misalignment.

Advice on selecting the right gel soles!

ProBrace is always there for its customers and puts service first. Through our chat you can get in touch with one of our experienced employees online to let you advise when buying a gel sole. You can also ask for advice by phone or email , our helpdesk is ready for you! If you would rather fit or see the gel soles, you can make an appointment by telephone at one of our meeting points .