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On this page you will find a selection of different insoles and arch supports. ProBrace has contact with various suppliers at home and abroad. ProBrace has selected the best products for you from a wide range of insoles. Need advice? Please feel free to contact with a specialist of ProBrace.


Buy insole online? Ready-made clothing!

Choose from the following categories:

insoles are often advised and prescribed to bring about a correction of your support and locomotor apparatus. Regular arch supports but also sports arch supports can be prescribed by medical specialists, for example: orthopedic art, trauma doctor, rehabilitation doctor or general practitioner. If you have a referral, make an appointment at one of our measuring locations .

We have selected all our insoles for their fit and choice of material. Even with standard insoles, your foot complaints can already be reduced considerably, for half the price of customized insoles .

Various indications for wearing arch supports / insoles are for example:

  • Foot defects such as flat feet or hollow feet
  • Heel Trace
  • achilles tendinopathy
  • metatarsalgia
  • Callus formation, calluses / corns
  • Foot problems after, for example, an accident
  • Skew due to a leg length difference or an incorrect foot position
  • Muscle tensions
  • deviations in the gait pattern
  • Voltage differences
  • (Sports) injuries
  • Back, neck and / or shoulder complaints
  • Groin and hip complaints
  • Knee complaints
  • Rheumatic conditions
  • Diabetes

These are just a few examples for which an insole can offer a solution.

At ProBrace, both customized and ready-made insoles are available. Your custom-made soles can be measured at one of our fitting locations. Read more information about our custom-made arch supports and ready- made arch supports .

Want to customize custom insoles?

At ProBrace, our qualified employees measure insoles and sports soles   using the latest analysis and 3D scanning techniques. If you would like ProBrace to fit a pair of insoles, make an appointment via 003185-4011911 and drop by for a no-obligation foot consultation. You are welcome at one of our following fitting locations :

- ProBrace headquarters: Ambachtstraat 3, 2861EW in Bergambacht
Appointment via ProBrace 003185-4011911

- Health Center Het Kruispunt: Dr. HJ van Mooklaan 33F in Rijswijk
Appointment via Bioch / Dijkshoorn / van der Lans physiotherapy 003170-396397

Tailor-made arch supports Bergambacht?

Are you looking for a place to get custom-made arch supports in Bergambacht? Or adjust insoles in Schoonhoven or around Gouda? In short; fitting insoles in the municipality of Krimpenerwaard? The best insoles can be fitted easily and quickly by a ProBrace specialist! Please contact us for more information.

Insoles and your insurance

insoles are no longer reimbursed from the basic package. Depending on your supplementary package, your insurance will partially or fully reimburse the soles. To be eligible for reimbursement, you need a referral from a medical specialist or general practitioner at some insurers. To be sure that your health insurance policy reimburses insoles, we recommend that you check your policy conditions or consult your health insurer.

You can also consult this blog for a quick overview.

Cost of arch supports?

Look for the most current price of our custom arch supports on this page .