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TFCC Injury (Triangular Fibro Cartilaginous Complex)

What is the TFCC?

The TFCC complex is a whole that is located on the pinky side of the wrist. The function of the complex is to maintain and stabilize the wrist joint and to absorb external forces.

The TFC complex is located on the pinky side of the wrist. It is located between the ulna (radius bone), radius (ulna) and the carpal bones. The TFCC consists of ligaments and cartilaginous disc. Which must ensure that the wrist joint is maintained and forces are absorbed.

Injury to the TFCC involves damage to the disc, cartilage or ligaments. The wrist, when making a movement, will feel painful and nagging.

TFCC Injury (Triangular Fibro Cartilaginous Complex)



GO Medical TFCC Wrist Wrist Brace

TFCC Wrist Wrist Brace

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Teyder Wrist Bandage Neoprene

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Causes TFCC injuries?

The TFCC injury is in most cases caused by an acute overload, a lot of force released on the wrist. This can happen during a fall. During a fall, the wrist is often overstretched or a strange movement within the wrist may affect the TFCC.

TFCC injuries are common in sports such as gymnastics, boxing, rugby and hockey. The TFCC can also prevent injury in people with a longer radius bone. The space within the TFCC is smaller and therefore there is a chance that pain will be experienced more quickly.

TFCC symptoms and complaints

  • A painful feeling is experienced on the pain side of the arm
  • A powerful fist is painful
  • Heavy straining movements are painful
  • There will also be pain when the TFCC is pressed

Treat TFCC with a wrist brace

If the above mentioned symptoms and complaints match, it is important to find out where it comes from. If the cracks are small, the TFCC will repair itself and it is important to keep calm, possibly by means of a bandage or wrist brace. It also doesn't hurt to go long with a physiotherapist.

The wrist brace that ProBrace can advise you:

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  2. Looking for an easy to put on brace? Look here for the Ligaflex Clasic from Thuasne , the Ligaflex is provided with Velcro and ensures optimal strength.

An affordable and supportive brace? Go for the Spectra wrist brace from Ossur with the highest support in its class.

TFCC Injury (Triangular Fibro Cartilaginous Complex)