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Teyder Teyder Neoprene wrist brace

Teyder Neoprene wrist brace

This neoprene wrist brace fits very well around your arm, can get completely wet, is easy to put on with one hand and has an extra strap at the height of the wrist for extra stability. Nowhere cheaper!


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Thuasne Ligaflex Classic Wrist Brace

Ligaflex Classic Wrist Brace

The Thuasne Ligaflex Classic Wrist Brace is a comfortable wrist splint and ideal for wrist sprains, traumatic wrist problems, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) or instability of the wrist joint.


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Ossur Form Fit wrist brace
Teyder Teyder Thumb Brace / Wrist Splint Neoprene

Teyder Thumb Brace / Wrist Splint Neoprene

The Teyder Neoprene Thumb Brace and Wrist Splint in One is a stable wrist splint with thumb that fits seamlessly around your arm. The wrist splint can get wet, has 2 removable ribs and has an extra strap to stabilize the wrist as desired. Temporarily pric


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Thuasne Ligaflex Manu Thumb Brace / Wrist Splint

Ligaflex Manu Thumb Brace / Wrist Splint

The Ligaflex Manu Thumb Brace / Wrist Splint is a thumb and wrist brace in one and provides maximum support and protection. The wrist brace is ideal for instability, tendon infections, m. Quervain, ski thumb or with a carpal tunnel syndrome.


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Carpal tunnel syndrome Buy wrist brace!

The carpal tunnel syndrome is a pinch of one of the nerves in the wrist. A pinch of a nerve in the wrist joint can be very painful. Often you suffer from tingling, loss of strength or deaf fingers in your hand.

What is a carpal tunnel syndrome?

The carpal tunnel is the space at the wrist joint through which multiple nerves, blood vessels and bending tendons of the arm pass. When the pressure inside the carpal tunnel is increased, these structures become trapped within the wrist. In a carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) you have to deal with a tightness of the nerve (median nerve) which runs from the arm through the wrist, in the direction of the hand and fingers.

Causes carpal tunnel syndrome?

The pressure within the carpal tunnel can increase due to, for example, a wrong posture or a repeated wrong movement of the hand and wrist. The pressure can also be increased by hormonal influences (pregnancy), but also by, for example, trauma, surgery, osteoarthritis, etc. These complaints can occur during the day, but especially during the night!

Symptoms carpal tunnel syndrome

There are several complaints that you can experience:

  • Tingling in the hand / fingers
  • Power loss in the hand / fingers
  • Radiation pain towards the hand
  • Numbness in the arm, hand or fingers

Treat carpal tunnel syndrome?

As soon as the complaints are minor, a specific treatment is not always required. If you allow the wrist to rest sufficiently, the symptoms may decrease or disappear completely. When using a wrist brace, the wrist can rest sufficiently.

The wrist braces that ProBrace can offer you are:

  1. The Ligaflex Classic wrist brace , for most support so you can give your wrist optimal rest for a good recovery.
  2. The Medspec Wrist lace r wrist brace with ribs is equipped with a deformable aluminum plate, which ensures that the brace stability and support of plaster approached.
  3. For the best price quality ratio you can look at the Ossur Form Fit Wrist Brace . The wrist brace is provided with velcro, making it easy to attach with one hand, and satisfies sufficient stiffness.