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CARE CARE wrist bandage

CARE wrist bandage

The CARE Wrist Bandage is an ideal compression aid for mild complaints around the wrist. This wrist bandage provides compression, relieves pain and reduces fluid around the joint. Ideal for complaints such as rheumatism, arthrosis and fibromyalgia!

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Teyder Teyder Neoprene wrist brace

Teyder Neoprene wrist brace

This neoprene wrist brace fits very well around your arm, can get completely wet, is easy to put on with one hand and has an extra strap at the height of the wrist for extra stability. Nowhere cheaper!


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Thuasne Ligaflex Classic Wrist Brace

Ligaflex Classic Wrist Brace

The Thuasne Ligaflex Classic Wrist Brace is a comfortable wrist splint and ideal for wrist sprains, traumatic wrist problems, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) or instability of the wrist joint.


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Teyder Teyder Thumb Brace / Wrist Splint Neoprene

Teyder Thumb Brace / Wrist Splint Neoprene

The Teyder Neoprene Thumb Brace and Wrist Splint in One is a stable wrist splint with thumb that fits seamlessly around your arm. The wrist splint can get wet, has 2 removable ribs and has an extra strap to stabilize the wrist as desired. Temporarily pric


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Thuasne Ligaflex Manu Thumb Brace / Wrist Splint

Ligaflex Manu Thumb Brace / Wrist Splint

The Ligaflex Manu Thumb Brace / Wrist Splint is a thumb and wrist brace in one and provides maximum support and protection. The wrist brace is ideal for instability, tendon infections, m. Quervain, ski thumb or with a carpal tunnel syndrome.


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What is a wrist fracture?

Everyone can break something after a hard fall. A fracture in the wrist is very common. As soon as you fall, the first thing you try to catch is the poor. This can happen, for example, during sports, cycling, tripping, etc. There is a lot of force on the wrist during a fall. It can therefore occur that you hereby sprain, weaken or sometimes break your wrist.

In case of a wrist fracture it is usually the radius which is broken. In most cases there is a tear in the radius. A fracture of the radius may feel painful when moving the hand and wrist.

Causes wrist fracture

The arms are used in daily life in almost every operation. The arms are also used when catching the body as soon as you fall. This can happen during everyday activities and sports. Due to the amount of force during a crash, the wrist may become sprained or even break.

Symptoms wrist fracture

  • Swelling wrist
  • Sensitive to the touch of the wrist
  • Painful with movement of the wrist
  • Bruise
  • Stange deviation of the bone
  • Cold or numbness in the hand

Treatment wrist fracture with a wrist brace

As soon as it is detected with the help of radiographs that a wrist is broken, the fracture will have to be gypsumed. In the worst case, surgery will be involved.

After the wrist has been treated with plaster, a physiotherapist can help with any post-treatment or ProBrace can provide you with a brace which provides extra strength and yet offers the freedom of movement to pick up everyday activities. Below is a top 4 wrist brace for the recovery of a wrist fracture:

  1. The MedSpec Wrist lacer wrist brace is a brace that is suitable for stability of the wrist joint.
  2. Looking for a wrist brace with the maximum freedom of movement of the fingers? Then look at the Ligaflex Classic wrist brace.

Would you like to start exercising again right after recovering your broken wrist? Then look at the braces below.

  1. Look at the Push Sports wrist brace
  2. Or look at the Push Med wrist brace
Broken wrist | Wrist brace