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Quadriceps injury




Teyder Neoprene thigh brace

Neoprene thigh brace

The Neoprene thigh brace from Teyder is the ideal tool for injuries to the thigh. The brace ensures through compression, warmth and better blood circulation for a speedy recovery! Nowhere cheaper!


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Bauerfeind Myotrain Upper Bandage
Thuasne Neoprene Thigh Support Bandage
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Injuries to the quadriceps

Like the hamstring, it can also happen that the quadriceps are affected. The quadriceps are the muscles on the upper leg.

What is a quadriceps injury?

The quadriceps are the muscles that are located at the front of the thigh. The quadriceps ensure that you can lift the leg up in the hip joint and stretch in the knee joint. The quadriceps is a collective name of several muscles and is formed by: "m.rectus femoris", "m.vastus lateralis", "m.vastus medialis" and "m.vastus intermedius".

There is talk of a quadriceps injury if the fibers of the muscles rupture. The cracks often occur at the transition from muscle to tendon. This transition is vulnerable and therefore the chance of muscle tear is greatest here.

Causes quadriceps injury?

An injury to the quadriceps can occur during a sudden acceleration or explosive force. Think of sales. Often the injury occurs at the beginning of a training or competition. The muscle is not yet warm enough and during the explosive acceleration the muscle can rupture. It is also possible that the muscle tears at the end of a workout. The muscle is tired or overloaded and therefore can not handle all power changes. This can cause the muscle to rupture. Sports is therefore no longer possible.

Symptoms and complaints with a quadriceps injury.

There are several complaints that you can experience:

  • Pain at the top of the upper leg, generally after exercise.
  • Stretching the knee against resistance is painful
  • Stretching the muscle is painful.
  • There is a loss of power.
  • A dark bruise may be present at the front of the leg during bleeding
  • Swelling visible and palpable at the front of the leg.
  • There can be cramp in the torn muscle.
  • Pressing the muscle is painful.

Handle quadriceps injuries? Buy thigh brace?

The recovery of an average quadriceps muscle rupture can take 6 to 8 weeks. The first two weeks it is important to keep calm and to move the muscle calmly. Try to avoid explosive movements, the chance of a larger muscle tear is great. If the muscle is completely torn off, it is wise to operate the muscle within a week.

Probrace can advise you the following brace:

  1. The Bauerfeind Myotrain brace for most support with a tear or bruising of the quadriceps. The brace offers maximum compression and keeps the muscle well warm.
  2. The Bioskin Thigh skin thigh bandage ideal brace thanks to the extra strap. As a result, the bandage can not just collapse and the brace can deliver specific compression on the muscle. The brace is good to use for extra support during exercise.
  3. The Thuasne thigh brace is ideal when resuming sports activities after a minor muscle injury. The brace is flexible and comfortable. The brace ensures that the heat of the muscle is not lost in combination with light compression that is delivered.
Quadriceps injury