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Upper leg injury

The upper leg, also called thigh or femur. Consists of a bone surrounded by muscles, nerves, blood vessels, lymph vessels, tissue and skin. The bone is the strength and largest bone of the human body. Pain on the upper leg can occur after a fall or after a much repeated movement.

Anatomy of the upper leg

The upper leg, also called the femur, is attached to two joints. This way the leg is connected to the hip, the hip joint. And in connection with the lower leg, also called the knee joint.


The head of the femur falls into the bowl of hip. The thigh has great freedom of movement thanks to the ball joint. The upper leg can be moved in many directions including rotation. This, however, does not apply to the knee. The knee has a hinge effect. The knee can bend, stretch and rotate a little bit.

The femur has many different muscles that can take all kinds of different movement components. During sports, it is possible that an injury occurs in the muscles after a fall or wrong movements. For example, the muscles around the thigh can become irritated or rupture. The joints can also be affected, then look at knee injury or hip injury.

Causes upper leg injuries

Many different complaints can arise. For example, an injury can suddenly occur or become acute when, for example, a muscle tear occurs.


To see where you are bothered and which symptoms occur with your symptoms, you can look at the following injuries:

  • Hamstring injury
  • Quadriceps injury

Hamstring injury? Buy thigh brace!

The hamstring is located at the back of the upper leg. There are a total of three muscles that allow you to swing your leg backwards and bend the knee.
Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that the muscles get injured. When there is a lot of tension and
force on the muscle, it can happen that the muscle tears or stretches.
When the muscle ruptures there will be a severe pain at the back of the lower leg
be detected.

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Quadriceps injury? Buy thigh bandage!

The Quadriceps are the muscles that are located at the front of the upper leg. The name
it secretly reveals it but the quadriceps consist of four muscles. The muscles ensure that you can move your legs forward and stretch the knee.
With an explosive and powerful movement it can occur that the quadriceps rupture or
to distort. A severe pain is felt on the upper leg. Curious about
further symptoms? And especially how to get rid of your complaints the fastest? Click here
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Upper leg injury