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Hammer toes

Hammer toes? Buy hammer toe corrector!

Order your splint or brace against a hammer toe at ProBrace. Below you will find a selection of various braces suitable for hammer toe complaints.

GO Medical Hammer Toe Corrector

Hammer Toe Corrector

This hammer toe corrector is a silicone orthosis that you place under your toes, to prevent complications caused by a hammer toe. Think of blisters, corns and inflammation of the toe.

€22,95 €12,95

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GO Medical Hammer toe corrector with 3 rings

Hammer toe corrector with 3 rings

Hammer toe corrector with 3 rings that is easy to place on 3 toes of your choice. Do you suffer from hammer toes? Then this is the solution for you! Easy to wear in shoes!


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Novamed Toe spreader Novamed

Toe spreader Novamed

This Novamed toe spreader is a silicone-made toe spreader that you place between your toes to prevent friction and to prevent corns & blisters. This product is supplied per piece or per pair.

€17,95 €7,95

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GO Medical Toe Spreader with Ring

Toe Spreader with Ring

Toe spreader for use with a Hallux Valgus. This variant with toe ring ensures a good attachment so that the silicone spreader stays in place!


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Souls Footcare Ball & Ring - shoestretcher

Ball & Ring - shoestretcher

No more sore toes in your shoes! The secret of every shoemaker, thanks to this shoe stretcher you can now make room in your shoe to prevent pressure marks from your painful toes!


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