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GO Medical Hallux Valgus Package
GO Medical Hallux Valgus Spalk  - Grote teen nachtspalk
GO Medical Hallux Valgus Teenbrace
GO Medical Toe spreader Hallux Valgus

Toe spreader Hallux Valgus

Do you have a crooked big toe? These toe spreaders are there to keep your toes apart and to prevent pressure marks and inflammation. The silicone cushion next to the big toe is there to reduce the pressure on the lump of the big toe.

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GO Medical Hallux Rigidus insole

Hallux Rigidus insole

the reinforced front of the arch support makes it ideal for complaints to the big toe.


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What is a hallux valgus?

A hallux valgus is a common injury to the toes. A condition in the hallux valgus can be translated literally. The hallux is your big toe and when the toe is in valgus the toe points out (lateral).

As described above, the big toe is pointed out at a hallux valgus. Actually it is a deviation from the big toe. During this deviation, the metatarsal bone protrudes out just under the big toe. This nodule is called bunion. The bunion can be very painful and cause irritation, especially when wearing shoes. Skin irritation and joint inflammation can occur during bunion.

Cause hallux valgus

Hallux valgus can be a congenital abnormality, but it is not necessary. Often it is a condition in the foot. The foot is then too far inwards, as with a sagged foot. However, in practice more ladies (90%) have to deal with this problem than men. Women's shoes are often too narrow, especially in heels. There is too much pressure on the forefoot.

Symptoms hallux valgus

  • Pain just behind the big toe (bunion)
  • The big toe points outwards (laterally)
  • Shoes are difficult
  • The bunion can be red
  • Pain in the joint of the big toe

To treat

A hallux valgus can be treated perfectly. However, treatment is not always necessary. Some want the hallux valgus to be treated because it does not look so beautiful, but when pain is not present it does not necessarily have to be treated.

In case of slight aches, good shoes can already do a lot of work. An alternative is to spread the toe passively. This can easily be done by buying a silicone toe spreader or using a light brace.

  1. For a silicone toe spreader, where the toe is spread passively, you choose the easiest for the Orliman Softgel or the Halux Valgus Toe Spreader. Easy to use and easy to wash.
  2. Bauerfeind Valguloc Teen Brace
  3. Hallux valgus Teenbrace from Novamed
  4. Go Medical Hallux Valgus
Hallus valgus