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Ski thumb injury?

A ski thumb is a common injury among skiers, hence the name 'ski thumb'. However, the ski thumb is also known under the name 'gamekeepers thumb' or 'gamekeepers thumb'. A so-called ski thumb is often created by a fall, in which the person tries to catch himself with his hands. Another way is when someone gets a ball on their thumb (hence the name gamekeepers thumb).

So remember that a ski thumb can also arise during other (sports) activities. It can happen during sports or falls that the ligament of the thumb is affected. In a ski thumb, it is the ligament of the thumb that stretches, slacks or tears. The ligament is located on the inside of the thumb. When this is affected, the joint can become unstable.

Ski thumb injury?



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In a ski thumb, it is the ligament on the inside of the thumb that is affected. The ligaments provide stability and firmness to the lower thumb joint. After a fall in which the thumb makes an impossible movement outwards, the ligament will tear, tear or stretch.

Causes of the ski thumb brace

The causes of a ski thumb often occur in falls. When skiing, a ski thumb is created when falling with the thumb hanging behind the ski pole. Injury can also occur if a lot of force is applied to the thumb joint. This can happen in the event of a fall or ball sports, when the ball lands on the thumb at a high speed.

Symptoms of the ski thumb brace

  • Pressure on the thumb joint is painful
  • Swollen thumb
  • Less strength in the thumb
  • Opening a jar or doorway is often painful
  • Unstable thumb joint

Treating ski thumb with a brace?

The doctor or physical therapist will perform a valgus stress test. The thumb is pushed out and back in different positions. The stability of the joint is tested here. Where the doctor / physio can test the severity of the injury. The most important thing is often to rest for 3-4 weeks and to protect the thumb well (that it does not happen again). You can keep the joint stable using plaster, a thumb splint, or a thumb brace. ProBrace can give you the following advice:

  1. Bauerfeind RhizoLoc Thumb Brace , the thumb brace is individually adjustable, which stabilizes the thumb joint.
  2. Ligaflex Rhizo Thumb Brace , the brace is designed for the thumb only. This allows you to maintain the freedom of movement of the wrist joint with the best support of the thumb joint.
  3. Ligaflex Manu thumb splint / wrist brace: if you also have problems with your wrist joint, it may be good to take a combination of a thumb brace and a wrist splint.


Ski thumb injury?