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GO Medical GO Medical Thumb splint

GO Medical Thumb splint

The GO Medical thumb splint is a sturdy thumb splint that immobilizes your thumb and ensures that your thumb heals quickly and your pain disappears! With 2 removable ribs for free! Now very competitively priced!


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Teyder Teyder Thumb bandage Osteoarthritis / Rheumatism

Teyder Thumb bandage Osteoarthritis / Rheumatism

This elastic thumb bandage is the aid for osteoarthritis and rheumatism on the wrist and / or thumb. The elastic fabric fits perfectly around your hand. You experience direct lighting!


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Zamst Sports ZAMST Thumb Brace Thumb Guard
Push Push CMC Thumb Brace

Push CMC Thumb Brace

The Push CMC Thumb Brace stabilizes the basic joint of the thumb and positions the mid-leg of the thumb in a functional position. This keeps the function of the hand but the pain is much less.


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Orliman Manutec CMC Duimbrace
Teyder Teyder Thumb Brace / Wrist Splint Neoprene

Teyder Thumb Brace / Wrist Splint Neoprene

The Teyder Neoprene Thumb Brace and Wrist Splint in One is a stable wrist splint with thumb that fits seamlessly around your arm. The wrist splint can get wet, has 2 removable ribs and has an extra strap to stabilize the wrist as desired. Temporarily pric


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Thuasne Ligaflex Manu Thumb Brace / Wrist Splint

Ligaflex Manu Thumb Brace / Wrist Splint

The Ligaflex Manu Thumb Brace / Wrist Splint is a thumb and wrist brace in one and provides maximum support and protection. The wrist brace is ideal for instability, tendon infections, m. Quervain, ski thumb or with a carpal tunnel syndrome.


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What is a ski room?

A ski session is a common injury among skiers. About 10% of all ski cases consist of a ski thumb. However, in other sports or falls, it can happen that the ligament of the thumb is touched. With a ski cream it is the ligament of the thumb that stretches, slacks or tears. The ligament is located on the inside of the thumb. When it is affected, the joint can become unstable.

In a skiduim it is the ligament, on the inside of the thumb that is affected. The ligaments provide stability and firmness of the lower thumb joint. After a fall in which the thumb makes an impossible move, the ligament will tear or contract.

Causes skiduim

The causes of a ski thumb often occur in falls. When skiing, a skiduim occurs when the thumb sticks behind the ski pole. There may also be injury if there is a lot of force, coming out on the thumb joint. This can happen in the event of a crash or ball sports, when the ball lands on the thumb at a high speed.

Symptoms ski thumb

  • Pressure on the thumb joint is painful
  • Swollen thumb
  • Less power in the thumb
  • Opening a pot or door opening is often painful
  • Unstable thumb joint

Ski thumb treat with a Brace?

The doctor will perform a valgus stress test. The thumb is pushed outwards and backwards in different positions. The stability of the joint is tested here. The doctor can test the severity of the injury.
In most cases it will recover itself. The most important thing is to keep 3-4 weeks of rest. Optionally, the joint can be kept stable with the aid of a splint or a brace. Probrace can give you the following advice:

  1. Bauerfeind RhizoLoc Duimbrace , the thumb race is personally adjustable so that the thumb joint is stabilized.
  2. Ligaflex Rhizo Thumb Brace , the brace is designed for just the thumb. This allows you to maintain the freedom of movement of the wrist joint with the best support for the thumb joint.
Ski cream