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The thumb is the first finger, the thickest finger, but also the shortest finger of the hand. An important difference between the thumb and the other fingers is that the thumb can move in more directions than the other fingers. With the thumb you can touch the tip of all other fingers. No other finger succeeds (yes, give it a try).

Treatment thumb injury thumb brace

Unfortunately, thumb disorders are relatively common and can spontaneously emerge. Despite its shape, the thumb is a very important part of the hand. The main function of the thumb is to easily grasp and feel objects. The most common thumb condition is a fall. In the event of a fall, we try to absorb ourselves with the arms, hands and fingers. A condition can also occur due to overload or a congenital defect. Thumb complaints can seriously hinder your daily life and should be treated seriously.

Causes thumb disorders

The thumb is widely used in many activities in daily life. It can happen that the thumb gets injured after a fall, for example during sports (ski thumb) or during odd jobs.

A chronic condition of the thumb is also possible. In a much repeated movement with the thumb, an injury can creep in. The thumb can then feel very painful and sensitive.

Thumb injury symptoms

Looking for more information about certain hand injuries? More diagnoses are known around the hand problems, such as:

The thumb conditions seen above are further described when you click on them. All with additional information about the injury. What does the injury involve? What are the possible causes and symptoms of the injury? With every condition there is a possible solution / brace / bandage so that the complaints can be reduced.