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Shoulder instability

What happens with shoulder instability?

The shoulder owes its freedom of movement to the functioning of the joint. The shoulder joint owes its effect to the so-called ball joint. The head of the arm and the cup of the shoulder fit together well.
In the case of shoulder instability, the head and cup may distract from each other, so that the shoulders can sometimes be slightly or completely dislocated.

To hold the shoulder joint, head and bowl together, the joint is surrounded by a fabric (such as haircuts, ligaments, etc.). The main task of the tissue is to keep the joint together, they provide passive stability.
As soon as there is shoulder instability, the tissue has stretched (often in the past), so that the tissue is no longer able to keep the joint together. This can prevent shoulder luxation, whereby the shoulders can sometimes be slightly or completely dislocated.

Shoulder instability



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Causes of shoulder instability

Shoulder instability often arises from a fall or accident. In the fall or accident, the shoulder may have slightly or completely dislocated. The haircut around the shoulder joint is stretched or torn.
It is also possible that the shoulder has made a wrong movement, which may cause the shoulder to become partially dislocated. The hairstyle all around can stretch.
In shoulder instability, the shoulder joint may be weakened and there is a chance that the shoulder may become dislocated again.


  • The person experiences an unstable feeling when stretching or maximally reaching the arm.

Shoulder instability diagnosis

The haircut around the shoulder will not fully recover. That is why it is important to train the surrounding rotator cuff muscles. Shoulder stability can be positively influenced by training and the use of a brace.
As a probrace we can advise the Ottobock shoulder brace Acro Comfort. This brace is specially designed for unstable shoulders.