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Shoulder instability




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This shoulder brace provides optimum stabilization without impeding the natural mobility of your shoulder. In addition, this shoulder support is very easy to put on and take off.

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What happens with shoulder instability?

The shoulder owes its freedom of movement to the operation of the joint. The shoulder joint owes its effect to the so-called ball joint. The head of the arm and the bowl of the shoulder fit well together.
With a shoulder instability it may be that the head and the bowl are separated from each other so that the shoulders can sometimes go out of the bowl lightly or completely.

In order to keep the shoulder joint, the head and the bowl together, the joint is surrounded by a tissue (such as hairstyles, ligaments, etc.). The main task of the fabric is to hold the joint together, they provide passive stability.
As soon as there is shoulder instability, the tissue (often in the past) has once been stretched, so that the tissue is no longer able to hold the joint completely together. This can prevent shoulder luxation, in which the shoulders can sometimes become slightly or completely out of the bowl.

Causes shoulder instability

Shoulder instability is often caused by a fall or accident. In the event of a fall or accident, the shoulder may have come out of the bowl lightly or completely. Hereby the capsule around the shoulder joint is stretched or torn.
It is also possible that the shoulder has made a wrong movement, so that the shoulder can partially come out of the bowl. The haircut around this can get stretched.
With shoulder instability the shoulder joint can be weakened and there is a chance that the shoulder may be able to come out of the bowl again.


  • The person experiences an unstable feeling when extending or maximally reaching the arm.

Diagnosis of shoulder instability

The haircut around the shoulder will not fully recover. That is why it is important to train the surrounding rotator cuff muscles. Training and the use of a brace can positively influence shoulder stability.
As probrace we can advise the Ottobock shoulder brace Acro Comfort. This brace is specially designed for unstable shoulders.

Shoulder instability