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Shoulder impingement

What is shoulder impingement?

Shoulder impingement is becoming more common these days. Shoulder impingement literally means a shoulder collision, but in everyday life it is translated as a shoulder entrapment. It can feel painful when raising the arm.

The shoulder consists of a shoulder blade that extends above the head of the upper arm, this is also called the shoulder roof. Between the shoulder roof and the shoulder head there is an opening between which tissue (bones, muscles, tendons, bursa, haircuts, etc.) run.
In the case of a shoulder impingement, the space between the shoulder head and the shoulder roof is reduced, so that clamping takes place. This can be experienced as painful when raising the arm. Often it is painful when the arm is at an angle of 0 90 degrees.

Shoulder impingement



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What causes a shoulder impingement?

There are several causes that can cause a clamping at the shoulder.

  1. It is possible that the space between the shoulder roof and the shoulder head is reduced because of a bursitis. As a result, the space between the shoulder roof is reduced and clamping can take place.
  2. The structures, such as tendons or muscles, can also be swollen or inflamed, reducing the space under the shoulder roof. As a result, they get pinched earlier when raising the arm.
  3. The space between the shoulder head of the shoulder and the shoulder roof may be reduced.

Causes of the shoulder impingement

One of the main causes of impingement in the shoulder is overload. If a lot has to be done above the head at work, this can lead to shoulder irritation. If the complaint does not pass and there is a lot of taxation and a lot of effort has to be made, the complaints will not be lessened. The more movement in the painful shoulder the worse the overload.

Shoulder impingement symptoms

  • Abduction (shoulder lift) hurts from an angle of 90 0
  • Pain on the outside of the shoulder


With a shoulder impingement, the tissue between the shoulder roof and head of the shoulder has had irritation. Treatment aims to reduce inflammation and pain. In addition, the mobility and muscle function of the shoulder is improved and strengthened. It is important to alternate rest and light movement. It is important to move within the pain threshold (do not abduct above 90 degrees). A brace does not always apply for this. The only applicable brace that ProBrace can advise you is a dynamic brace. A brace in which the shoulder has full freedom of movement but does push the shoulder cup inwards. Pressing in the shoulder socket is necessary for a good recovery of Shoulder Impingement.

That is why ProBrace can recommend the Bauerfeind Omotrain shoulder brace.