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Frozen shoulder




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This shoulder brace provides optimum stabilization without impeding the natural mobility of your shoulder. In addition, this shoulder support is very easy to put on and take off.

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What is a frozen shoulder?

If you suffer from a frozen shoulder, the name actually gives it away; frozen shoulder, causes loss of movement in the arm and shoulder. This will cause you to suffer from a shoulder and arm that can not be moved freely.
A frozen shoulder occurs on average at about 3% of the Dutch population. Especially people between the ages of 40 and 60 are most affected by a frozen shoulder. Also, the complaints are surprisingly common in diabetic patients.

The shoulder consists of a cup and a bowl. This ensures that the upper arm fits neatly on the shoulder. In order to provide the joint with stability and to keep the joint together, there is a capsule around the joint. The hairstyle also provides for the freedom of movement of your arm. However, the haircut is inflamed with a fur holder. The inflamed capsule creates thickening and adhesion in the joint capsule. As a result, the freedom of movement will decrease and movement with the shoulder can be very painful and difficult. The flexibility of the joint decreases and therefore will limit the freedom of movement.

Causes frozenshoulder

A froze holder can be created in different ways. The main reason is an inflamed haircut. An inflamed capsule can be created in several ways.
For example, a fur holder can be created after a fall. This can cause injuries in the shoulder joint, after which the hair can become inflamed over time.
The hairstyle can also be ignited by following the same movement or posture, after which irritation of the joint occurs.

Symptoms frozen shoulder

  • Limited freedom of movement of the arm
  • Pain on the outside of the upper arm
  • The arm feels stiff
  • More pain is felt during the lifting and turning out of the arm.

Diagnosis and treatment of frozen shoulder

In most cases, a froze holder will automatically resolve himself. It is important to give the shoulder a rest. This means that the shoulder is allowed to move (otherwise it will become stiff) but not so much that it becomes overloaded. Otherwise, inflammation and irritation will only increase.

First rest for 6 months, all movements may be made but not above the pain threshold.

In order to give sufficient rest to the shoulder, you must be able to move in an instructive manner. That means that you just have to move, but not over the pain complaints. ProBrace provide you with the following advice:

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Frozen shoulder