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Shoulder luxation




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Thuasne Thuasne Immo Classic Mitella

Thuasne Immo Classic Mitella

The Thuasne Immo Classic Mitella is a sling for supporting and fixing the elbow, the upper arm and the shoulder.


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Thuasne Thuasne Sport Shoulder Bandage

Thuasne Sport Shoulder Bandage

Avoid shoulder pain with the Thuasne Sport shoulder bandage. The neoprene material is very comfortable, keeps the muscles of the shoulder girdle warm and offers stability to the shoulder girdle.


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Thuasne Shoulder Immobilizer Sling
Teyder Neoprene Shoulder Brace

Neoprene Shoulder Brace

This shoulder brace provides optimum stabilization without impeding the natural mobility of your shoulder. In addition, this shoulder support is very easy to put on and take off.

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What is a shoulder luxation?

A shoulder luxation, also called a shoulder from the bowl, can happen. There are about a few thousand shoulder luxations per year in the Netherlands. A shoulder luxation is a very painful feeling because the joint capsule is pulled apart at maximum tension.

The shoulder joint consists of two parts: a head and a bowl. The head sits neatly in the bowl, allowing the upper arm to rotate and rotate with respect to the shoulder and there is much freedom of movement possible. With a shoulder luxation the head is no longer neatly in the bowl. The cup has slipped from the bowl. This can damage the surrounding hairstyles and bands.

Causes shoulder luxation

A shoulder luxation consists in most cases of an unfortunate fall. In this case, too much force, often in the wrong direction, is released into the shoulder joint. If the force is too large, the head will descend from the bowl.

Symptoms of shoulder luxation

  • A severe pain in the shoulder is indicated
  • The shoulder

Diagnosis shoulder luxation

In the case of a shoulder luxation, the surrounding tissue had a lot to offer. Everything has come on track and will therefore need to recover. For a shoulder loyalty to recover properly, it is therefore important to rest the shoulder. ProBrace can provide you with the following bandages and shoulder braces:

  1. The hairstyle and muscles are well on the rack. That is why you want to let the shoulder rest in the initial phase by stabilizing and mobilizing it. For optimal rest, the Schoudersling Immo Vest can help
  2. The Push Med Shoulder Brace will also support and rest the shoulder.

Dynamic brace:

  1. You can also opt for a dynamic brace. It can be nice to wear a brace after the recovery of your shoulder and you want to pick up the daily activities and hobbies again. The brace ensures optimal freedom of movement and at the same time support for the shoulder joint. Look at the Omotrain shoulder brace .
Shoulder luxation