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Bursitis shoulder




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This shoulder brace provides optimum stabilization without impeding the natural mobility of your shoulder. In addition, this shoulder support is very easy to put on and take off.

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What is a bursitis?

A bursitis, also called bursitis, can cause severe pain in the shoulder. Both women and men have an equal chance of getting a bursa inflammation. People older than 30 years are more likely to get bursitis.

To find out what a bursitis is, it is important to know where the bursa is located. The body consists of bones, the bones provide firmness. In order to move, the body is provided with joints and muscles.
The bursa is always located near a joint. The bursa is located between the joint bone and the tendon. The bursa is filled with moisture and serves as a pillow. The pillow ensures that you can move without the tendon coming against the bone and the joint.
Once this bursa is inflamed it can feel warm, red and painful. It is very important to move the shoulder.

Causes bursitis inflammation in the shoulder

A bursitis inflammation occurs gradually in most cases. This is because the bursa is slightly overloaded. By sport or by work. The complaints are gradually getting worse. There is then talk of a chronic bursitis. There is also talk of acute bursitis. An acute bursitis is caused by a fall. The person thereby damages his bursa. Often the skin becomes hot and can get swollen, but this also disappears over time.

Symptoms bursa inflammation

  • Swelling on the shoulder
  • Pain on the shoulder
  • Stiffness of the shoulder
  • Moving the shoulder with difficulty
  • Warm place at the bursa in the shoulder
  • Red spot at the bursa in the shoulder

Diagnosis bursa inflammation

In case of a bursitis it is important to give the shoulder sufficient rest. Often the bursa is the reaction of inflammation. Hence keeping calm is the most important thing.

  1. For a bursa, the Ottobock Acro comfort is the best shoulder brace . The shoulder brace has an extra strap which provides extra support in the shoulder joint.
  2. The same brace as the Ottobock Acro only slightly cheaper? Then look at the Bauerfeind OmoTrain shoulder brace . The brace is almost identical to the Ottobock.
  3. An alternative to the above mentioned braces is the Push Med shoulder brace. The brace offers stability of the arm without the neck being loaded.
  4. For the best price quality ratio you can opt for the NovaMed Shoulder Brace .
Bursitis shoulder