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Inverse trauma / ankle sprained? Ankle brace with straps!

"Passed through your ankle" or "sprained your foot"? It is and remains a common and frequently heard problem. Unfortunately, such trauma to the ankle joint often occurs in daily life. In an inversion trauma, the foot swings inward, tensioning the ankle straps on the outside of the ankle fork foot. The ankle straps can tear or tear. An ankle brace can help to speed up the recovery process.

Inverse trauma / ankle sprained? Ankle brace with straps!



Thuasne Sport Ankle Bandage with Straps

Sport Ankle Bandage with Straps

The Thuasne Sport ankle bandage with strap closure is a universally applicable sports brace. This bandage provides support without being a nuisance. The comfortable neoprene compression prevents moisture build-up around the ankle.


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Bauerfeind Malleotrain S Ankle Brace

Malleotrain S Ankle Brace

The Bauerfeind Malleotrain S Titan has been specially developed to actively support the ankle without restricting freedom of movement. The supportive ankle brace can be used as an alternative to long-term taping.


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Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support Ankle Brace

Sports Ankle Support Ankle Brace

Reliable support and maximum stabilization: the extremely light and indestructible Sports Ankle Support protects your ankle joint against sprains, strains or twists thanks to an innovative tape band that provides your ankle support.


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Zamst Filmista Ankle Brace

Filmista Ankle Brace

The Zamst Filmista is the thinnest (1.3 mm!) And the lightest ankle brace on the market! Ideal during exercise due to its optimum wearing comfort and maximum freedom of movement!

€58,00 €44,95

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GO Medical GO Medical Ankle Brace

GO Medical Ankle Brace

The GO Medical ankle brace offers you the best support for moderate to severe ankle complaints. The best choice price-quality ratio!

€72,95 €39,95

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Basko Basko ASO Ankle Brace

Basko ASO Ankle Brace

The ASO ankle brace provides effective support and stability around the ankle and is successfully used therapeutically for ankle disorders and problems, often caused by sports activities.


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Push Ortho Aequi Junior - Children's Ankle Brace

Ortho Aequi Junior - Children's Ankle Brace

Are you looking for an ankle brace for your child? The Ortho Aequi ankle brace from Push is the ankle brace for children with ankle complaints.

€92,95 €69,95

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Thuasne Thuasne Sport Ankle Brace with BOA

Thuasne Sport Ankle Brace with BOA

The Thuasne Sport Ankle Brace with BOA closure is a sturdy ankle brace and very suitable for wearing during active sports. The BOA closure makes it very easy to adjust the ankle brace for the right amount of compression.


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Reh4Mat Reh4Mat Ankle Brace

Reh4Mat Ankle Brace

The Reh4Mat Ankle Brace is a lightweight lace-up brace for the ankle with cross-over straps and 4 removable ribs on the inside and outside of the ankle, to stabilize the ankle joint.


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Reh4Mat Reh4Mat Kids Ankle Brace

Reh4Mat Kids Ankle Brace

This is a very sturdy ankle brace for children. The Reh4Mat Children's Ankle Brace is a universal ankle brace with lacing, extra Velcro cross-over straps and sturdy ribs on the inside and outside of the ankle.


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Ankle sprain or sprain?

From your trainer you have to start cooling immediately, otherwise you will only become fat. A day later, your ankle has become very thick and you are in pain when you load the ankle, especially when walking. Just to be sure, just visit the physiotherapist or doctor, but they can do little during the first days, because the swelling is still too much. "I have gone through my ankle" has been heard a lot, but what is the matter? In humans, the joint that connects the lower leg to the foot is called the ankle. Two bone parts protrude from the ankle, a single is recognized by this. The two protruding bone parts are called the malleolus. There are bands on the protruding bone parts, also known as ankle bands. The ankle bands are sturdy bands (ligaments) that lie on the inner (medial) and outer (lateral) side of the ankle and connect various joints and bone structures. The function of the ankle straps is to strengthen the ankle joint and prevent extreme movements of the ankle joint. When you step on the ankle makes an impossible movement. The straps are stretched or can tear themselves.
In the case of a sprain, the ankle is no more than swollen and the damage is limited. The pain will last for several days. However, the ankle straps are damaged by a sprain and the ankle no longer functions completely. The pain will be more severe and the recovery will take longer.

Cause sprained ankle joint

A cause of a sprain or sprain may be that the ankle joint makes an unexpected movement with the ankle moving in or out to the maximum. The ankle straps stretch to a maximum and cause a sprain or sprain. So a sprain or sprain occurs in many different ways. It can come from a step, curb, a pit in the grass to a wrong landing during a jump.

Passed through the ankle?

  • Thickening in the ankle
  • You can't easily move the ankle anymore, it hurts
  • Swelling of the ankle ('an egg on the ankle')
  • Bruising ankle (symptom of ankle rupture)
  • Pain on the outside of the ankle
  • Bruise, outside only
  • Blue colored skin outside only
  • Pain during movement and load on the ankle (difficulty standing and walking)

Help from an ankle brace?

It is extremely important that you handle an injury to the ankle ligaments as if left untreated, you run the risk of developing chronic instability in the ankle.

When the ankle straps are weakened, it is important to first rest, this is done by holding the foot up and giving it rest so that the swelling can decrease and the ankle bands get rest to recover. That is why you will have to walk on elbow crutches in the beginning.

How you can support these anklets in their function, so that they also have the opportunity to recover, you can apply a brace therapy. It is no coincidence that wearing an ankle brace or bandage significantly increases the chances of a full recovery, according to the KNGF ( www.kngf.nl) . Wearing an ankle brace or bandage is recommended as soon as the swelling starts to subside. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that the preventive use of an ankle brace or ankle bandage significantly reduces a recurrence (repeated trauma) and thus the chance of developing a chronic instability of your ankle.

To allow the foot to rest and stabilize ideally, Probrace has the following braces that can be advised for you: the foot can rest in an ideal position.
ProBrace recommends the following braces:

  1. Do you suffer from unstable ankles? And would you like to move optimally, exercise and firmness? Then choose the Malleotrain S or the sports version: the sports ankle brace from Bauerfeind
  2. Sport Ankle bandage with straps from Thuasne . The bandage provides support without being a nuisance. The crossover strap / closure allows the brace to fix the joint.
  3. The filmista football ankle brace , provides ideal support for stabilizing the ankle joint, best used if you wear it on both left and right.
  4. Or the best ankle brace in terms of price-quality ratio: the Malleo ankle brace from CARE

For children there is a comparable bandage on the market for the Push Ortho Aequi.

  1. Push Ortho Aequi Junior children's ankle brace

After this resting phase (continuing 4-7 days) it is slowly time to load the ankle again. To know how this happens, we advise you to contact a physiotherapist.