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Unstable ankle? Compression ankle brace!

The ankle joint may feel unstable. There are ankle straps on the outside of the ankle, a total of three. The ankle straps provide stability in the ankle. With an unstable ankle, the function of the ankle straps is not optimal. Often the ankles have been put on in the past, causing them to be damaged or stretched. In case of small bumps, or during exercise, the side is larger that you will drop through the ankle again.

What to do in case of ankle instability?

Ankle instability usually develops after severe or repeated distortion (sprain / sprain) of the affected joint. In this case the ankle joint. A number of symptoms are important to determine that a single (chronic) is unstable. One of the main symptoms is that the ankle frequently capsizes / goes through the ankle while exercising, walking or even walking. Often there is too weak a muscle tendon and band complex around the ankle, causing the ankle to capsize quickly. It is advisable to contact a specialist to prevent the ankle from being passed more often. A physiotherapist, for example. For support you can use ankle braces or ankle bandages. Science has proven that rehabilitation with an ankle brace or ankle bandage is faster and better than without ankle brace or ankle bandage * (Source: KNGF ).

Unstable ankle? Compression ankle brace!



GO Medical GO Medical Ankle Brace

GO Medical Ankle Brace

The GO Medical ankle brace offers you the best support for moderate to severe ankle complaints. The best choice price-quality ratio!

€72,95 €39,95

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Zamst Filmista Ankle Brace

Filmista Ankle Brace

The Zamst Filmista is the thinnest (1.3 mm!) And the lightest ankle brace on the market! Ideal during exercise due to its optimum wearing comfort and maximum freedom of movement!

€58,00 €44,95

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Thuasne Sport Ankle Bandage with Straps

Sport Ankle Bandage with Straps

The Thuasne Sport ankle bandage with strap closure is a universally applicable sports brace. This bandage provides support without being a nuisance. The comfortable neoprene compression prevents moisture build-up around the ankle.


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Bauerfeind Malleotrain S Ankle Brace

Malleotrain S Ankle Brace

The Bauerfeind Malleotrain S Titan has been specially developed to actively support the ankle without restricting freedom of movement. The supportive ankle brace can be used as an alternative to long-term taping.


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Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support Ankle Brace

Sports Ankle Support Ankle Brace

Reliable support and maximum stabilization: the extremely light and indestructible Sports Ankle Support protects your ankle joint against sprains, strains or twists thanks to an innovative tape band that provides your ankle support.


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Reh4Mat Reh4Mat Ankle Brace

Reh4Mat Ankle Brace

The Reh4Mat Ankle Brace is a lightweight lace-up brace for the ankle with cross-over straps and 4 removable ribs on the inside and outside of the ankle, to stabilize the ankle joint.


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Reh4Mat Reh4Mat Kids Ankle Brace

Reh4Mat Kids Ankle Brace

This is a very sturdy ankle brace for children. The Reh4Mat Children's Ankle Brace is a universal ankle brace with lacing, extra Velcro cross-over straps and sturdy ribs on the inside and outside of the ankle.


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Why buy ankle braces or ankle bandages?

In the current KNGF (Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapists) guidelines, wearing ankle braces and ankle bandages is recommended as soon as the swelling around the joint has subsided. You can increase the chance of a full recovery by wearing a brace or bandage for your ankle immediately after the swelling disappears for 6 weeks. The preventive use of ankle braces and bandages significantly reduces the risk of repeated trauma.

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ProBrace has made a selection for you of the best (sports) braces and bandages for instability complaints at your ankle. With each brace or bandage you will find the indications for which the relevant brace or bandage can be worn, an explanation of the product, the support class and how to select the best size for you. However, are you unsure about which brace or bandage applies to your ankle or to your specific complaint? Then get FREE advice from a physiotherapist or movement technologist from ProBrace. You can do this by contacting [email protected] , chatting on our website or calling +31 (0) 85 4011 911.