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Groin hernias

groin rupture

With a groin fracture, a tear or fracture occurs in the abdominal wall, at the level of the groin. Hence the name 'inguinal hernia' or 'abdominal wall fracture'. The opening in the abdominal wall can be very dangerous. Should this opening enlarge, it is possible that the intestines may lower towards the groin. This is accompanied by a lot of pain and various complications. A groin fracture band provides support to the abdominal wall by means of a silicone pad and ensures that the pressure on the groin region is reduced.

Groin hernias



Thuasne Ortel groin hernia

Ortel groin hernia

The fracture band can be used for a groin fracture on the left or right side or on both sides. The hernia band has a high wearing comfort due to the silicone pad.

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Orliman Orliman Single-sided hernia

Orliman Single-sided hernia

The Orliman single-sided inguinal hernia band is a band that has been successfully used for many years for an abdominal wall or inguinal hernia on the right or left side in the groin region. You can wear the inguinal hernia belt both before and after an o


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Orliman Orliman Double-sided hernia

Orliman Double-sided hernia

The classic double-sided inguinal hernia belt that has been used most often for years with a double inguinal hernia! You can wear the inguinal hernia belt both before and after an operation.


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Teyder Teyder Rib brace / torso bandage

Teyder Rib brace / torso bandage

Wear this rib brace / torso bandage to support and protect your torso in case of injury to the ribs, edema of the trunk and protection of the skin. Nowhere cheaper!


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What is a hernia?

A hernia can be either congenital or trauma-induced.

  • Congenital inguinal hernia

A congenital inguinal hernia is the most common cause of a inguinal hernia. This happens especially in men, not so often in women. This has to do with the descending of the balls. When these have descended, the abdominal wall may not close completely. A hernia / abdominal wall fracture is often the result.

  • Groin hernia from trauma

A hernia from trauma often starts earlier than the actual trauma. There are several important factors that influence having a weak abdominal wall. Important factors are; overweight, straining, sneezing, coughing, heavy lifting and other forms of internal pressure on the abdominal wall.

Causes of a hernia

A hernia or abdominal wall fracture can have multiple causes, but the most common inguinal hernia is a congenital inguinal hernia.
The muscle tissue around it can also become less strong and in combination with pressure or tension on the abdominal wall, a groin fracture can occur. A groin fracture can occur, for example, by smoking, coughing a lot or, for example, exercising for a long time while lifting, exercising or on the toilet.

Symptoms of a groin hernia

A hernia is very difficult to recognize. What you can possibly see is:

  • Lump (hernia) in your groin area or lower abdomen.
  • Pain in the groin
  • Groin sensation in the groin
  • Burning sensation in the groin.

When suspected of a hernia, we always recommend that you first contact a doctor or physiotherapist to make a diagnosis.

The treatment of a hernia

Advice can be to eat and live healthy. Stop smoking and make sure that enough vitamins (fruits and vegetables) and fiber enter the body.

In young children it is possible that a hernia will heal up again on its own. In other cases, the patient usually cannot escape surgery. A reassurance is that such an operation is relatively simple. A small gauze is placed over the fracture in the abdominal wall, to support the abdominal wall. Take care before and after surgery with heavy lifting, bending over, exercising and other activities that put pressure on the abdominal wall.

Also is it possible to consider and look at a groin aisle band? An inguinal hernia band supports the abdominal wall by means of a silicone pad. Due to a groin fracture band, the fracture actually has the ability to fully recover. Without a hernia band, the abdominal wall often does not get enough rest and the abdominal wall may tear again. There are several options for groin fracture products. For example, consider:

Would you like appropriate advice about which inguinal hernia is best for you? Please contact a ProBrace specialist!