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Abdominal wall fracture




GO Medical GO Medical Abdominal fracture band

GO Medical Abdominal fracture band

This rupture band is worn to support the abdomen. This can be in the case of an abdominal wall fracture, during pregnancy, with subsidence or pre- / postoperatively.


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Teyder Teyder Ribbrace / Rompbandage
Orliman Orliman Single-sided groove rupture tape

Orliman Single-sided groove rupture tape

The Orliman single-sided groin rupture band is a band that has been used successfully for many years with an abdominal wall or groin fracture on the right or left side in the groin region. You can wear the groin rupture band both before and after any surg


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Orliman Orliman Liesbreukband
GO Medical GO Medical Zwangerschapsband
Basko Stomabandage EasyCut
Basko Watersport Stoma bandage
Basko Basko Stoma Protector ProtectorMax

Basko Stoma Protector ProtectorMax

Give maximum protection to your stoma with the help of the renewed Stomacare Protector Max stoma protector! This protector protects your stoma against leaks and traps.


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