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Abdominal wall fracture

What is a abdominal wall fracture?

An abdominal wall fracture, also called abdominal hernia, is no more or less than a fracture in the abdominal wall. The organs and intestines are held back by the abdominal wall. The abdominal wall consists of muscle tissue, which ensures that the organs remain on the inside of the abdomen.

The abdominal wall is a membrane, consisting of muscle and tissue. The abdominal mitt ensures that the organs remain internally. With a abdominal wall fracture, there is a break in the abdominal wall. It is similar to a tear that pushes the peritoneum outward. As a result, this means that the abdominal contents can come out. In some cases this will not be noticed at first. As the pressure increases due to, for example, sports, lifting, pressure during load, the bump may become larger.

Abdominal wall fracture



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Causes of the abdominal wall fracture

A abdominal wall fracture occurs in a weak spot in the abdomen. Often this is caused by extra pressure in the abdominal cavity. A big difference with a hernia is that the abdominal wall fracture often does not just happen. This occurs after surgery or / and if there is scar tissue on the abdomen. The abdominal wall is weakened at this point and can break open when pressure is applied to the abdomen. Extra pressure can be applied to the abdominal wall by exercising, lifting something or by pressing the toilet. The slight crack can become larger as a result.

Abdominal wall fracture symptoms

  • There is no immediate symptom to appear
  • Swelling in the abdominal wall
  • The swelling can be large or small (depending on the amount of organs)
  • Can be painful (ATTENTION! Then the bowels are pinched, it is dangerous!)

Treatment of the abdominal wall fracture.

A abdominal wall fracture does not have to have unpleasant consequences. An abdominal wall fracture often does not hurt in the initial phase. There is a bulge in the abdomen, but if you lie on your back you can gently push back / rub the bulge. The bump or bump returns when you stand up again. As a result, there is a chance that the abdominal wall tear will increase. To prevent this, the person can wear an elastic bandage / corset. This keeps the content in place.

If the opening is so large and pain complaints arise, the complaint must be treated surgically.