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What is a belly fracture?

The internal organs are stopped with the outside world by muscles and tissue. It is possible that the muscles and tissue become thinner and weakened. A tear can develop in the abdominal wall. If there is a tear in the abdominal wall then the organs often want the intestines to go outside. This will be innocent in the beginning. The crack in the abdominal wall is small and only a small bump / bulge develops. If the crack becomes larger, more content will also be brought out and the bump will become larger.

Causes of a belly fracture

There can be several causes that cause the abdominal wall to thinning and rupture. That way it can have an inborn cause.

It is also possible that the abdominal wall becomes thinner as the health decreases, for example by smoking (and therefore a lot of coughing). As a result, the pressure in the abdominal wall increases. The pressure in the abdominal mitt can also increase with prolonged effort by, for example, exercising, lifting or pressing on the toilet. This causes extra pressure on the abdominal wall, causing the abdominal wall to rupture or the tear to become larger.


A distinction can be made between inguinal hernia and abdominal wall rupture.

  • Abdominal wall fracture :

The abdominal wall fracture occurs in the region of the abdomen. Often the abdominal wall is weakened or damaged by surgery. This makes it more likely that the abdominal wall will slowly tear open.

  • Groin breaking :

An inguinal hernia, unlike a belly wall fracture, always occurs at the groin (hence the name, inguinal hernia). A belly wall can also be weakened and ruptured with the groin. However, inguinal hernia can be congenital or caused by too much tension on the abdominal mitt.

Treat abdominal rupture

What can you do about a inguinal hernia or abdominal wall fracture? Is it treatable and how can you treat it? Can it be treated with a corset or elastic bandage?

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