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Runners knee injury (iliotibial frictions syndrome)




Teyder Teyder Kniebrace met Baleinen Neopreen
Teyder Neoprene knee brace with hinges

Neoprene knee brace with hinges

The Teyder Neoprene Knee Brace with Hinges is the tool for medium to heavy knee complaints. The neoprene material fits snugly on your knee, with hinges and straps above and below the knee! Now very competitively priced!

€99,95 €59,95

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Teyder Teyder Universal Knee Bandage with Hot Cold Pack

Teyder Universal Knee Bandage with Hot Cold Pack

Universal knee bandage suitable for general knee injuries. Contains simple Hot & Cold Pack to treat injuries. Ideal for faster knee recovery!


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Teyder Teyder Premium Elastische Kniebrace
Teyder Teyder Premium Kniebrace met Flexibele Baleinen
Teyder Teyder Premium Kniebrace met Scharnieren
CARE CARE Knee bandage

CARE Knee bandage

This knee bandage from the CARE brand is a knee bandage with extra stretch. So: for thin and thick knees! For young and old! For everyday use and during sports! A chameleon under the knee bandages!

€34,95 €19,95

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CARE CARE Genu Knee Brace

CARE Genu Knee Brace

The Genu Knee Brace from the brand CARE is a knee brace with a silicone ring around the kneecap and ribs on the sides of the knee for extra reinforcement! The best price-quality ratio! Nowhere cheaper!

€54,95 €27,50

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Push Push Med knee brace

Push Med knee brace

The Push Med Knee Brace provides support for forward and backward movements and does not give way to a lateral movement, which ensures stability of the knee. The Sympress material of the Push Med Knee Brace feels like a second skin.


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What is a runner's knee?

The runnersknee, literally translated: riders knee, mostly occurs with runners and walkers. Running is a tough sport for the knees. Every step that is taken must compensate the knees, the forces of the body.

As soon as someone suffers from a runners knee, you see this person grabbing his upper leg, slightly above the kneecap. Here is a tendon, the iliotibialis. This runs from the hip bone along the side of the leg to the tibia. Once you are walking or running, you will do this by bending and stretching your knee. The iliotibial tendon will guide along the knee bump during these movements. As soon as this repetition is repeated many times, the tendon may become irritated and inflamed.

Cause runners knee? How do a runner's knee develop?

Common complaints show up as soon as there is a lot of walking, many kilometers, mountain walks or marathons. A number of factors can contribute to a runner's knee. The main cause is the posture while running. Having O-legs or X-legs can contribute to this. A leg length difference, flat feet, hollow feet, reduced strength in the hamstring or wrong shoes can also contribute to this.

Symptoms runners knee

  • Load on the outside of the knee while walking or running
  • At rest the knee will not hurt

Recovery with a brace for the runners knee?

The best recovery is by not burdening the tendon too much. You can do this by taking a rest. In the first few weeks, ensure that the tendon is not burdened by not running for a while. In the meantime you can cycle or swim. After a few weeks, the tendon can be exerted on the tendon. But limit the burden by running less often, quickly and far.
ProBrace can also reduce the complaints with the help of an appropriate brace or bandage. Thanks to compression and reinforcement around the kneecap, this brace can provide extra support:

Quietly restore but at the same time want to do your hobby? Or for extra compression and stability after recovery? Then look at the braces below:

  1. Bauerfeind genutrain with silicone
  2. Bauerfeind sports knee support
  3. Thuasne Genu Pro

Are you unsure about which knee brace is best for you? Then contact us and ask one of our specialists for advice free of charge.


Runners knee injury (iliotibial frictions syndrome)