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Patella Luxation




Kneecap from the bowl?

During exercise, it may be that you collide against kneecap that the kneecap is on the wrong side of the joint. The kneecap comes out of the bowl. The kneecap can shoot from both sides of the bowl, to the inside (medial) or outside (lateral). In a sports trauma we see that the kneecap shoots out of the bowl medially.

Often we see a lateral kneecap luxation arising in girls in growth.

A patella luxation can be restored in a conservative or operative manner. In a conservative way, the kneecap is put back into the joint and the knee will be tipped or put into a (similar) Bauerfeind SecuTec brace . Then the rehabilitation process begins. The straps around the kneecap will have to repair and strengthen. Not all movements can be made just like that. Especially during climbing stairs, standing up, squatting or cycling, there is a chance that a patellar luxation will take place. It is advisable to purchase a brace that restricts you in the extension and flexion movements. For this, for example, people can go crazy to the Bauerfeind SecuTec.

The surrounding muscles and tendons will recover and strengthen. After which a brace can be worn that supports the patella not to "just" shoot out of the bowl.

Operation kneecap patella from the bowl

It is also possible that the patella / kneecap and the surrounding bands can only be repaired by means of an operation.

Causes patella luxation

A patellar luxation can be caused, for example, during exercise. It can happen that forces from outside occur on the leg / kneecap. This usually happens with excessive twisting, jumping or a slap on the kneecap. In young women, when they are in the growth spurt, there is a chance that the luxation takes place spontaneously. It can repeat itself.

Symptoms patellaluxation

  • The kneecap is located next to the knee joint (often laterally, on the outside)
  • Pain in the knee

Treatment kneecap luxation

As described above, it will be possible to have the leg first plastered after the kneecap has been put back in place. The muscles and hairstyles can recover in this way. After the plaster is allowed off, the rehabilitation process begins. You can also opt for a "tailor-made brace". See the Bauerfeind SecuTec brace for this. Then the body will have to recover and the muscles must be strengthened. Especially standing up, climbing stairs, cycling and squatting are exercises in which the chance of patellar luxation is present. The Bauerfeind SecuTec brace can be varied in maximum angular positions of the leg. The brace therefore provides a maximum extension and flexion limitation. This ensures that the patella does not just become disrupted. At a later stage, it is useful to buy a brace where the patella is guided in the right lanes. Below are the braces that meet the requirements.

  1. Bauerfeind Genutrain P3
  2. Össur Unloader kneecap
  3. Bioskin Q-Brace knee brace
Patella Luxation