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Patello's femoral pain syndrome




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The Bioskin Q-Brace knee brace is ideal for stabilizing an unstable kneecap. Thanks to the 'T' strap, it is possible to apply the best tracking for your kneecap individually.


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Femoral complaints to the patella?

With normal posture and weighing of the body, it is the kneecap that neatly pivots up and down with respect to the leg. The kneecap moves in a trench. The kneecap fits and hinges neatly between the trench. The forces are divided equally. When someone suffers from patellofemoral pain syndrome, it is the position of the kneecap that is abnormal. As a result, the kneecap does not slide neatly between the channel. He touches the sides of the channel. This will cause irritation and result in a painful knee; patellar femoral complaints.

Cause patellofemoral syndrome

The kneecap moves neatly between the gully. However, this is not the case with a patellofemoral syndrome. The pain is caused because the kneecap is not neatly in the gully. This may be due to a deviation in the position of the knees. The knees are positioned too far in or out (varus or valgus of the knee). Also, the position of the kneecap may not be good, this may be because the muscles around the kneecap on one side are stronger with respect to the other side. This causes the kneecap to be warped. And does not fit this neatly in the gully.

Symptoms patella femoral complaints

  • Pain around the knee joint.
  • Pain in front of or behind the kneecap, often in activities such as: cycling, climbing stairs, squatting, running etc.

Diagnosis and treatment patellofemoral pain syndrome

A patellofemoral pain syndrome can be treated well. The most important thing is to find out where the pain comes from. This can for example go to a physiotherapist. It is important to change the position of the kneecap in such a way that it can hinge neatly between the trench.

Also a patella brace is nothing more or less than an (elastic) knee strap with a viscoelastic pad. This pelotte puts pressure on the patellar tendon under the patella (kneecap). Because of this pressure the patella (kneecap) is better able to detect in the knee trench (trochlea). The knee brace is easy to wear under clothing and is very small in profile. This kneecap brace can be worn during exercise, but when the complaints require this, the knee brace is also good to wear in daily life. Stabilization of the kneecap is the most important. Below are braces that meet these requirements:

  1. Bauerfeind patella band
  2. Bauerfeind Genutrain P3
  3. Ossür Unloader PF kneecap brace


Patello's femoral pain syndrome